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29.04.2015 14:24 Entertainment, Style
A music journalist who worked on Courtney Love's long-awaited memoir has sued her, saying that the rock singer failed to compensate him.
22.11.2014 14:48 Companies
A US judge signed off on Apple's $450 million legal deal to compensate consumers harmed by an illegal price-fixing conspiracy for electronic books.
31.10.2014 17:26 Companies
Kazakh MP Vladislav Kosarev has declared that something needs to be done about the foreign audit companies that have captured the Kazakh market.
23.10.2014 11:12 Health
The families of every Guinean health worker who has died in the Ebola outbreak will be compensated for their loss with $10,000.
28.07.2014 15:30 Companies
The arbitration court in The Hague has ordered Russia to pay shareholders of Yukos $50 billion in compensation over its seizure of the one-time oil giant, main shareholder GML Ltd said in London
24.07.2014 14:31 Politics
Kazakhstan's General Prosecutor's Office has concluded that seizure of land plots for public use in Astana complies with the legislation.
13.06.2014 12:41 Emergencies
Malaysia Airlines' insurer has begun paying the families of passengers onboard Flight MH370 $50,000 each in initial compensation three months after the jet disappeared, a government official said
15.05.2014 14:45 Politics
Brazil's congress adopted a law Wednesday to compensate workers who say they were never paid properly after being recruited to Amazon rubber plantations to help the Allies during World War II.
14.05.2014 15:01 Health
Samsung Electronics promised on Wednesday to pay compensation to a number of employees who claim they contracted cancer from working at the company's semiconductor plants.
14.03.2014 12:24 Environment
First Deputy Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagintayev says that negotiation of compensation of the damages caused by the Proton-M carrier rocket crash in Kazakhstan is taking way too long.
05.03.2014 20:29 Politics
Russia is still overthinking the amount of damage compensation, it was billed by Kazakhstan for Proton-M rocket carrier crash.
27.02.2014 13:11 Companies
78 Kazakhstan travel agencies have requested the General Prosecutor's Office to assist them in claiming damages from Turkish companies over disrupted tours in 2013.
25.02.2014 13:53 Finance
Kazakhstan-based Alliance Bank is going to make the misinformers reimburse the losses, caused by rumours about the bank's bankruptcy.
31.01.2014 00:50 Crime
Taekwondo Federation of Kazakhstan has promised to compensate all the expenses the champion landed himself into by sleeping in an airplane ... and sue his 'big bad lawyer'.
14.01.2014 10:17 Companies
Chinese state-owned oil giant Sinopec will pay compensation over a November pipeline explosion at its facility in the city of Qingdao that killed dozens of people and caused losses of more than $100 million.
28.12.2013 13:21 Crime
The Turkish government is ready to consider Kazakhstan’s claims against Turkish Qualitum Tour company.
03.12.2013 16:05 Crime
The High Court of England has supported the claims of BTA Bank and ordered the former Chairman of the bank Mukhtar Ablyazov to return almost $400 million to the bank.
26.11.2013 14:17 Finance
Kazakhstan has sent Russia a $90 million bill for the Proton-M carrier rocket crash at Baikonur in Kazakhstan.
31.10.2013 21:43 Industry, Infrastructure
Australian suppliers will send 928 more cows to Kazakhstan. Part of the live cargo dispatch earlier suffocated during the flight.
27.07.2013 20:23 Finance
GMAC Mortgage, a defunct unit of Ally Financial, will pay $230 million to borrowers as part of a government review of potentially flawed foreclosures.
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