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Made in Kazakhstan -- viral video makes headlines 10 марта 2015, 21:32

A video carrying a message of buying Kazakhstan-made products has appeared in the Kazakh Internet space.
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Shelves that read "Made in Kazakhstan" in one of Aktobe stores ©rikatv.kz/evrika Shelves that read "Made in Kazakhstan" in one of Aktobe stores ©rikatv.kz/evrika

A video promoting the “Made in Kazakhstan” message has been uploaded on YouTube. Just over a week on the web, it caused some buzz in Kazakhstan. The video uses products that are produced in Kazakhstan to move the plot.

The short story starts as two love birds wake up embracing each other and tasting dark chocolate made in Kazakhstan. The name of the chocolate is (surprise!) “Kazakshtan” - produced at confectionery Rakhat that sold 72,000 tons of chocolate in 2013, according to the video.

Then the doorbell rings. The husband has come home. The lover is already on his feet, ready to escape. He puts on one of “Glasman” suit, grabs “La Peri” tights of “European quality” (both made in Kazakhstan) and heads for the alternative escape route – the balcony.

After successfully landing on his “SOF” shoes produced in Semipalatinsk shoe factory (in Kazakhstan) of genuine leather, the man runs to his KIA Cerato, knocked down in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.

He then stops at a sign that says only bikes allowed and produces a bike from his car's trunk - the only domestic brand of sports bicycles called “Nomad”.

As he drives along, the amorous adventurer is shown gazing at a female runner’s breasts (Also made in Kazakhstan?). He loses himself for a moment and crashes into a glass produced by “Stolichnaya Steklopaketnaja Kompaniya (capital insulating glass company). Apparently, the glass is very well-made (in Kazakhstan) because the hapless rider simply slides down to the ground.

The end credits simply say: "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart," i.e. Kazakhstanis can produce things of quality if they put their hearts into it. Just put enough effort and enthusiasm!

One of the people behind the idea, Alina Khamatdinova explained that the video was intended for the Internet right from the beginning and not for television.

"The video was shot in summer. We wanted to draw attention to the message “Made in Kazakhstan” in an unusually-undertandable and slightly provoking way. We all know how we feel about our Kazakhstani products - we have government programs stimulating domestic production, but we are skeptical about the results. Our creative team wanted to draw attention to the fact that we have things produced in Kazakhstan. In terms of advertising art, talking about how great a product is does not draw people’s attention. So we’ve decided to create a little fun product to attract the attention of Internet users," she explained.

Attention – check. “Unusual” and “outrageous” are hardly the words to describe the clip. The video looks like a copy-paste of worn out cliches whose expiration date is long in the past. A cheating wife and a backdoor man, really?

According to Khamatdinova, the video was scheduled for release in September 2014, but due to production complication it did not come out in time. "It is made as a comic book, which is why its production took a little more time. And then the President once again emphasised the "Made in Kazakhstan" aspect and we decided it was a good time to launch it," Khamatdinova said.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev made the “Made in Kazakhstan” campaign call on February 11: “Let us launch a Made in Kazakhstan campaign so that all retail chains would showcase departments of Kazakhstan-made goods. I am calling city governors to take the need steps (…) Let us encourage Kazakhstanis to be patriotic and buy Kazakhstan-made products. It would be a great individual contribution into the national economy,” President said when speaking to the Government.

A couple of days after this statement, several big stores in Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe, Uralsk and other cities put up shelves filled exclusively with domestic goods.

Khamatdinova said that their team did not take any payment for advertising the brands shown in the video. "Perhaps we will continue it as a series, since this video has attracted a lot of attention,” she said.

But to many in Kazakhstan, the video’s creativity was overshadowed by its moral implications, or lack thereof. Some Kazakh media condemned the video for its purported promotion of infidelity. Looks like the local morality police has done their job.

Khamatdinova said she was familiar with that opinion, but disregarded it.

“I read the opinions in the media. But we want to make it very clear that it is a viral video and the bedroom scene contained no eroticism or pornography and lasts for just five seconds. The message is to demonstrate the advantage of Kazakhstani goods and the slogan of the video is 'Nothing is impossible to a willing heart'," she said.

The motives sound good, the taste could have been better.

By Dinara Urazova (Assemgul Kassenova contributed to the story)

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