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09.04.2015 14:29 Markets
Kazakhstan’s Minister of Agriculture Asylzhan Mamytbekov has talked about dairy products, particularly milk and butter, at the Food Security Conference held in Astana on March 13.
10.03.2015 21:32 Fun Stuff
A video carrying a message of buying Kazakhstan-made products has appeared in the Kazakh Internet space.
07.08.2014 16:32 Religion
Consumer Rights Protection Agency continues battling with fake-halal goods.
25.07.2014 13:41 Religion
A chain of specialized halal shops may soon open in every neighborhood of Astana.
19.05.2014 20:24 Laws, Initiatives
KazAlko Association considers ban of European alcohol import to Kazakhstan a hasty decision.
15.02.2014 16:18 Finance
In view of the devaluation of the national currency - the tenge, the central bank of Kazakhstan believes that escalation of inflation is quite possible.
03.02.2014 23:02 Finance
Kazakhstan Central Bank is negotiating with second-tier banks to reduce the NPLs figure down to 15% by January 1, 2015 from the current 35.8%.
25.10.2013 10:01 Politics
The Russian government has dismissed the head of the consumer protection agency, a notorious official best known for waging apparent trade wars against the country's neighbours.
01.03.2013 12:43 Gadgets
Mobile advertising is soaring and growing in sophistication, industry analysts say, but the money is pouring into tablets at a much faster rate than their smaller smartphone rivals.
07.02.2013 16:57 Laws, Initiatives
Presence of gold and silver jewelry, fur coats and gyms in the index raised eyebrows of many members of the Kazakhstan Parliament.
06.02.2013 18:46 Internet
Consumer efforts to protect personal data and remain "invisible" online is leading to a "data blackhole" that could adversely impact digital advertisers.
10.10.2012 17:16 Markets
According to him, people tend to overestimate their earning abilities.
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