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Kazakhstan university graduates earn tree times more than their Belarusian peers 06 октября 2011, 10:27

Mojazarplata.kz announced results of the poll on salaries of young professionals in the Customs Union countries.
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University graduates in Kazakhstan earn tree times as much money as young professionals in Belarus, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the poll of Mojazarplata.kz. Three majors popular in Kazakhstan and the Customs Union were taken for evaluation of salaries: bank employee, sales manager and construction engineer. According to Mojazarplata.kz, over 40 percent of employees in these areas are young people without much work experience aged 23 to 29. A young man working as a construction engineer in Kazakhstan makes $8,000 a year, which is 3.5 times more than in Belarus and 1.5 times more than in Russia. A young woman working on the same position earns $6,800 a year, which is 3 times more than in Belarus and $400 less than in Russia. Men willing to working in the banking sector will be able to earn $6,900 a year, while the salary of a Belarusian bank employee is $2,700 a year and Russian banking sector pays $11 thousand a year. Salaries of women in this sectorare different from the one of men only by a few hundred dollars in every country. Men working as sales managers in Kazakhstan make $7,000 a year, while women earn only $5,000. Same position in Belarus pays around $2,600 a year. Russian sales manages earn around $8,800 a year. The website notes that Kazakhstan university graduates frequently have to take jobs that are not in their area of expertise and university studies. However, should the draft law On amendments to Kazakhstan Education Law be adopted, Kazakhstan graduates of pedagogical and medical universities will have to work under their major for five years.

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