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14.07.2016 15:21 Education
Chinese university tutor Xie Shu's core subject is Communist ideology, but he has diversified from the dry annals of political doctrine for a more hands-on subject: seduction.
27.08.2015 10:17 Education
A Dutch lecturer accused a top university in Kazakhstan of sacking him after he tried to hold a talk on the "Russian-Ukrainian conflict", a claim denied by the university.
07.07.2015 19:00 Education
Vice Minister of Investments and Development Yerlan Sagadiev suggested an aggressive transfer to education in English at higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan.
17.06.2015 13:57 Education
A Chinese university has earned comparisons with Harry Potter's Hogwarts due to its bizarre castle campus, but local traditions supplied the magic at a Confucian-style ceremony for its degree graduates.
05.06.2015 00:49 Education
A young man was caught at the Unified National Testing in Kazakhstan dressed up as his girlfriend.
29.05.2015 12:58 Education
According to the new plan of reforms, Kazakhstan will be gradually introducing classes taught in English into high schools and universities.
20.03.2015 23:52 Science, Technologies
A Kazakh British University student Yernur Bakhtiyaruly has developed a flexible polymer-based solar array.
06.02.2015 18:17 Unrest
Hundreds of demonstrators picketed an appearance by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen at Britain's prestigious Oxford Union debating societty.
11.01.2015 00:08 Education
The number of foreign students studying medicine in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 10 percent in the near future.
02.01.2015 14:47 Education
The State Commission for Training Personnel Abroad has conducted a meeting in Akorda Presidential Palace to discuss implementation of Nurly Zhol plan.
08.12.2014 19:21 Education
Sorbonne University of Paris has opened a branch in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
08.12.2014 11:42 Science, Technologies
Students from Almaty have assembled a robot that can identify sources of radiation and harmful gases.
15.09.2014 23:00 Education
Kazakh anti-corruption project STOPKylmys (StopCorruption) initiated by the youth wings of Zhas Otan and Nur Otan political parties reported the results of an anonymous survey among Kazakhstani students.
11.09.2014 15:48 Education
Australia is the most expensive place for an international student to attend university, ahead of Singapore and the United States, with India the cheapest.
15.08.2014 12:43 Education
US universities dominated the top 20 in an annual ranking of global educational institutions released by a Chinese organisation.
07.08.2014 16:49 Education
For the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, there are a little over 2 applicants per a scholarship.
25.07.2014 10:41 Education
A Chinese billionaire couple have faced a deluge of criticism for donating $15 million to one of the richest and most prestigious universities in the US, with Internet users saying it would be better spent on students in China.
24.07.2014 19:27 Education
66% of entrants have failed the Complex Testing of Entrants (CTE) held in Kazakhstan on July 19-22, 2014.
23.07.2014 18:05 Politics
200 students and professors of the Nazarbayev University have met with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping on June 24, 2014 in Beijing.
14.07.2014 16:10 Education
Three Kazakhstan students have been admitted into the leading military universities of America this year.
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