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BTA bank leads in Kazakhstan with 81% of bad loans 30 июля 2013, 17:14

Kursiv.kz has made a rating of the second-tier banks of Kazakhstan with the highest share of troubled loans.
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Kursiv.kz has made a rating of the second-tier banks of Kazakhstan by the amount of their bad loans. BTA Bank is the leader of the rating: 81% of its loans portfolio were bad loans (loans overdue for over 90 days) as of June 1, 2013. It is followed by Alliance Bank with 47 percent of bad loans and ATF Bank with 46 percent of bad loans. In the monetary terms, top three banks with the largest amounts of overdue loans as of June 1, 2013 were BTA Bank (troubled loans worth of 1.7 trillion tenge or $11.3 billion), KazKommertsBank (660 billion tenge or $4.4 billion) and ATF Bank (341.8 billion tenge or $2.3 billion). Bank RBS (Kazakhstan) has the least share of troubled loans in the loan portfolio: around 0.01 percent (2.9 million tenge or $19.3 thousand). According to the official information, Islamic Bank Al Hilal, Citibank Kazakhstan, TPB China in Almaty, Shikhan Bank Kazakhstan and Bank of China in Kazakhstan had no troubled loans at all as of June 1, 2013. On July 25, 2013 chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Gregory Marchenko said in the online conference at Profinance.kz that the operation of the Distressed Assets Fund that is supposed to acquired troubled loans from the banks to help them reorganize their balances “is complicated by objective obstructions arising from disputes over the cost of the assets between the banks and the Fund, as well as from restrictions related to the legislation on the bank secrecy”. According to Marchenko, results of the Fund’s activities may not become tangible in the short term perspective. “Whatever measures the National Bank takes, the current situation will remain unchanged for a long time unless the banks become more willing to improve their loan portfolios,” he said.

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