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20.04.2016 16:19 Finance
Saudi Arabia will take a $10 billion loan from foreign banks to help close the gap in its state finances from collapsed oil revenues.
11.04.2016 16:34 Politics
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff risks being driven from office if the lower house votes in favor of an impeachment trial.
17.02.2016 17:26 Finance
A state-backed "bad bank" that would take over non-performing loans from a country's banks could also be an option for other countries.
17.11.2015 16:27 Finance
Kazakh Senate, the upper house of Kazakhstan’s Parliament, has passed a bill on non-performing loans and assets of second-tier banks.
05.10.2015 19:46 Finance
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has revised the base interest rate raising from 12 to 16 percent in order to curb inflation in Kazakhstan.
27.07.2015 19:07 Finance
Chairman of the Board of of Kazkommertsbank said that issuing and obtaining loans in dollars in Kazakhstan was dangerous.
12.02.2015 14:21 Politics
It was a natural response of the banks (…) they had been expecting a drastic currency devaluation and they insured against currency-related risks, he elaborated.
04.02.2015 20:37 Finance
Experts talk about the deficit of tenge experienced by commercial banks in Kazakhstan.
09.01.2015 19:17 Industry, Infrastructure
Pavlodar Oil Refinery will receive funding from Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK) amounting to $1.2 billion.
24.12.2014 21:12 Finance
Several Kazakhstan’s banks have ceased issuing mortgage loans in tenge.
05.11.2014 22:53 Finance
A significant bulk of the NPLs were provided back in 2006-2008, a time of heavy borrowing and high appetite for risky investments.
04.11.2014 15:06 Finance
The loan is part of the second tranche of the $500 million program to support S&MBs approved by the ADB in 2012.
29.10.2014 14:39 Finance
According to him, the money will only be provided to banks that have accumulated the most of NPLs. Kazkommertsbank and BTA to be shortly merged are among them as they jointly account for 62% of NPLs in the banking sector.
23.07.2014 13:42 Finance
According to him, Kazakhstan’s people have been excessively eager to take mortgages and consumer loans (…).However, in more developed nations up to 70% permanently live in rented housing.
16.07.2014 03:03 Finance
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has endorsed a law on ratification of the agreement on a loan between Kazakhstan and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
18.04.2014 19:02 Finance
The Governor of the Central Bank Kairat Kelimbetov aims to decrease non-performing loans to 10% by January 1 2016.
16.04.2014 10:20 Finance
China's bank lending surged in March from the previous month, the central bank said Tuesday, but analysts dismissed the possibility of monetary easing.
09.04.2014 17:32 Finance
Kazakhstani banks have reduced their external debt by $2.4billion.
02.04.2014 12:02 Finance
As of the end of 2013, the share of NPLs throughout the country’s banking sector stood at 31.2%. According to Fitch Ratings, in February the indicator grew to 33%.
06.03.2014 14:37 Companies
TAIB Kazakh Bank has changed its name to Capital Bank Kazakhstan after changing hands.
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