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Bank of America enters KASE 16 мая 2014, 18:53

Bank of America has entered the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).
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Bank of America. Photo ©REUTERS Bank of America. Photo ©REUTERS

Bank of America has entered the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), Tengrinews reports citing Kursiv.kz.

Trading of common stock of Bank of America opened on May 4th 2014 on KASE. The first trading day did not show a lot of activity, through. All in all, 67 shares of Bank of America were sold at 2,784.97 tenge ($15.28) per share. Freedom Finance investment company that initiated the bank’s entrance to the Kazakhstan stock exchange said that they were fine-tuning the technical procedures and expected an increase in the trading activity over time.

“We only had two transactions on the first day. But what's more importantly is that we made sure that our system works property, and we can make the market,” Freedom Finance Director General Timur Turlov said. He promised that the company would work hard to raise the awareness both among its clients and among the market players in general to attract more attention to the stock.

“We hope that the demand will be high. We know that more than 100 clients are planing to make transactions with the stock this month. We will see a much large trade volume in future and Bank of America will become one of the most traded companies at the Kazakhstani stock exchange,” Turlov said.

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