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21.12.2015 13:49 Markets
European benchmark Brent crude slid to an 11-year low on Monday as oil prices resumed their slide in an oversupplied global market facing the prospect of renewed US exports.
19.08.2015 16:50 Finance
Kazakhstani banks raise dollar-tenge exchange rate. People fear another devaluation of the currency. The Kazakh National Bank is silent.
27.10.2014 15:27 Companies
Mid-September Kazakhstan's KASE signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with BIST; the agreement lays foundations for a long-term partnership, including through reciprocal purchase of shares.
01.07.2014 19:07 Finance
Facebook is going to be listed at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) by the end of this year.
16.05.2014 18:53 Finance
Bank of America has entered the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).
29.04.2014 01:56 Companies
KEGOC might float its shares at the People’s IPO in Kazakhstan in December 2014.
07.03.2014 13:19 Politics
A new President of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has been appointed.
21.01.2014 15:38 Companies
Kazakhstan's billionaire Aleksandr Mashkevich has explained why ENRC chose to be delisted from the London Stock Exchange.
31.12.2013 14:06 Politics
The political crisis engulfing Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cost the economy $100 billion, a top official said Monday, as financial markets rebounded after days in freefall.
02.11.2013 00:32 Finance
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has become a member of World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).
29.10.2013 12:13 Finance
Prime Minister David Cameron was on Tuesday to announce a new "Islamic Index" on the London Stock Exchange and reveal plans for Britain to release an Islamic bond.
20.10.2013 18:57 Markets
US football fans glued to television screens on Sundays will soon have a new way of showing their devotion to the pigskin: buying stocks linked to their favorite players.
16.10.2013 17:53 Markets
Twitter shares will trade on the New York Stock Exchange, documents showed Tuesday, shunning the tech-heavy Nasdaq which saw major problems in Facebook's market debut in 2012.
04.10.2013 17:16 Companies
Twitter on Thursday unveiled plans to pump up the globally popular one-to-many messaging service with a $1 billion stock market debut.
29.08.2013 18:05 Markets
US stocks rebounded Wednesday led by energy companies benefiting from an oil price spike, as the West mulls a possible punitive attack against Syria for its alleged chemical weapons use.
20.08.2013 12:41 Markets
Tokyo shares opened lower Tuesday, following a weak showing on Wall Street as speculation lingers that the US Federal Reserve will scale back its bond-buying programme.
03.08.2013 17:54 Markets
A jam-packed week of economic data and corporate earnings amounted to only modest movement in US equities, as stocks closed out a hectic week of news Friday only somewhat higher.
20.07.2013 17:17 Markets
Microsoft shares were hammered Friday after a disappointing earnings report cast doubts on the tech giant's transition to a post-PC world.
19.06.2013 18:55 Crime
Secret US surveillance has foiled more than 50 terror plots since 2001, including a planned bomb attack on the New York Stock Exchange, a US spy chief said Tuesday, defending leaked programs.
11.05.2013 11:21 Markets
Shares in hydro-electric generator Mighty River Power debuted on the New Zealand stock exchange at NZ$2.73 ($2.29) Friday, a 9.2 percent premium on the NZ$2.50 initial public offer (IPO) price.
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