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Administration of Zhambyl oblast allocated over $1.1 million for restoration of disaster-hit regions 18 января 2013, 16:06

The money allocated from the oblast budget will be spend of restoration works in Talas and Saryssu regions.
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Storm consequences in Karatau. Photo by Anton Akulov© Storm consequences in Karatau. Photo by Anton Akulov©
Administration of Zhambyl oblast has allocated 170 million tenge ($1.1 million) for restoration of disaster-hit regions, KazTAG. “The money allocated from the oblast budget will be distributed between Talas and Saryssu regions: 100 million ($670 thousand) and 70 million tenge ($470 thousand), correspondingly. The state money have been distributed in the following way: Talas region received 403 million tenge ($2.7 million), Saryssu region got 300 million tenge ($2 million), Zhualym region received 57 million tenge ($381 thousand), Taraz received 26 million tenge ($172 thousand), Zhambyl region got 9.2 million tenge ($61 thousand) and 4.9 million tenge ($33 thousand) were transferred to Baizak region,” Akim (Governor) of Zhambyl oblast Kanat Bozumbayev told the journalists during his trip in the storm-hit regions on January 17. According to him, the money are first being channeled into restoration of strategic and socially important facilities, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals and medial’s stations. Besides, it is important to repair multi-apartment buildings and private houses with damaged roofs. “Glass, asbestos sheeting and beams should be distributed free of charge. The first batches of the construction materials has already been delivered. Distribution of the materials has already started. But we shouldn’t forget about accountability. I will check on every tenge spent,” Bozumbayev said. According to the administration, restoration of roofs in Zhualyn region will be finished in the nearest days. 400 tons of asbestos sheeting and 20 thousand square meters of roof steel have been delivered from the state material reserve to Talas region, including Karatau town. “I would like to express gratitude to the President. In a matter of hours after the emergency he called and gave detailed instructions to the government. Thanks to that, together with the government commission we managed to quickly respond to the needs of the citizens of Zhambyl oblast,” Akim said. The storm that hit Zhambyl oblast on January 12 cut 68 villages off from power supply, damaged 375 power lines, wrecked 45km of power lines wire, tore off communication cables and damaged a digital radio-relay station. Roofs of 425 buildings were ripped off or damaged, including roofs of 158 residential houses. According to the preliminary calculations, the total damage is estimated at 2.8 billion tenge ($17 million). Kazakhstan government allocated 800 million tenge ($5.3 million) for elimination of the consequences of the storm. The storm hit Zhambyl oblast last Saturday and left several villages, Zhanatas and Karatau towns without electricity, water, gas and communications. Nearby Taraz city was affected by storm as well: its power lines were damaged, roofs of houses, hospitals, schools were ripped off, trees and road signs were scattered in the streets. On January 12 bad weather caused an emergency blackout in Saryssu, Zhualyn and Talas regions of Zhambyl oblast. The blackout than caused a suspension of the central boiler house of Karatau at 07:15 a.m. Then at 08:15 a.m. its 60m-long concrete chimney collapsed into the area of the 5th (reserve) and 6th (main) water-heating boilers.

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