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Pilot Valeriy Mikhin. Photo courtesy of Helicopter crashes in Kazakhstan, pilot walks 5km despite severe burns A helicopter has crashed in Zhambyl Oblast in Kazakhstan's south. Pilot sustained severe burns, but walked 5km to the nearest village.
25 января 2016
Illustration ©tengrinews Nursultan Nazarbayev meets Malaysian PM President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak.
27 мая 2014
©RIA News Kazakhstan bans heavy trucks from highways during daytime Kazakhstan is banning heavy trucks from national highways during daytime in summer to save the road-surface.
20 мая 2014
Ruins of the citadel. Photo from the Turkestan Album of 1871-1872. Archeological park to be built in Taraz: 2000 years of history An archeological park will be constructed around a medieval tower in Kazakhstan's southern city of Taraz by 2017.
20 апреля 2014
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Spring road repair works underway: 2 million square meters to be repaired The Ministry of Transport and Communication is planning to repair 1.7 million square meters of Kazakhstan roads.
27 марта 2014
Photo courtesy of Anti-flood missions keep 24/7 monitoring of water basins in Zhambyl Oblast The authorities of Zhambyl Oblast are taking precocious against floods.
19 марта 2014
Photo © Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakh PM visits South Korea Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov has signed a number of cooperation agreements with South Korea in Seoul.
11 декабря 2013
Solar power station in Zhambyl oblast. Photo by Dmitriy Khegai© Four major renewable energy projects being implemented in Zhambyl oblast We plan to establish four projects in hydro, wind and solar energy jointly with private companies: Governor.
15 октября 2013
Otar railroad station. © Shell explosion in Kazakhstan's Otar kills 2 and injures 6 Seven people have suffered thermal burns when a shell exploded at Orat railroad station in Zhambyl oblast.
28 августа 2013
©RIA Novosti Oil reserves at new Kazakhstan's field estimated at 880 million barrels Preliminary results of geological exploration of the new Kazakhstan oil field have showed the total anticipated reserves of around 120 million tons (880 million barrels).
07 августа 2013
Photo by Daniyar Bozov© Kazakhstan Armed Forces show combat power at Military Parade rehearsal General rehearsal of the first Kazakhstan’s May 7 Military Parade was held at the 40th military base Otar in Zhambyl oblast.
05 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of Zhambyl oblast Emergency Situations Department Three tons of engine oil spill in accident in southern Kazakhstan Three tons of engine oil spilled on the road in southern Kazakhstan in an accident with a KamAZ.
05 апреля 2013
Over 40 Zhambyl oblast students studying abroad are adepts of Tablighi Jamaat There are 41 adepts of the banned religious movement among 52 citizens of Zhambyl oblast of Kazakhstan who are studying in foreign theological universities.
29 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of press-service of Zhambyl oblast Emergency Situations Department© Bus smashes into KamAZ truck in southern Kazakhstan; 5 dead, 26 injured The driver of the MAN bus, driving from Almaty to Shymkent, lost control over the bus and crashed into a KamAZ truck loaded with rails that was parked at the road side.
20 марта 2013
Akim of Zhambyl oblast Kanat Bozumbayev. Photo courtesy of Zhambyl oblast Akim reports to Kazakhstan President on post-storm restoration Almost all еру storm-hit facilities in the southern region of Kazakhstan have been restored: Akim (Governor) of Zhambyl oblast.
05 марта 2013
Storm consequences in Zhambyl oblast. Photo by Anton Akulov© Kazakhstan is updating its wind speed map Kazakhstan has started updating its wind load map. The map will be fully renewed in 2-3 years.
22 января 2013
Storm consequences in Zhambyl oblast. Photo by Anton Akulov© Gas and heating restored in storm-hit regions of Zhambyl oblast All residents of the disaster-hit Zhambyl oblast in south Kazakhstan have been reconnected to gas and heating supplies.
21 января 2013
Storm consequences in Karatau. Photo by Anton Akulov© Administration of Zhambyl oblast allocated over $1.1 million for restoration of disaster-hit regions The money allocated from the oblast budget will be spend of restoration works in Talas and Saryssu regions.
18 января 2013
Storm consequences in Zhambyl oblast. Photo by Anton Akulov© Sanitary-epidemiological situation stable in Karatau and Zhanatas Zhambyl oblast in south Kazakhstan is recovering from the natural disaster.
17 января 2013
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