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Adai horses to become a national brand 09 мая 2011, 14:44

Adai horses are given pedigree status after the tests held by a state commission.
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Photo courtesy of lada.kz Photo courtesy of lada.kz
A special commission gave Adai horses a pedigree status, KTK reports. This will enable the horses to represent Kazakhstan in international competitions. The tests were held in Mangistau steppes. 37 best horses were selected for the test. They had to cover the distance of 90 km. The horses were checked by veterinarians at each of four stops on the way. The experts took the horses' pulse rate. “If it is 64 beats or below, it is considered normal and the horse continues to run,” said veterinarian Zhumabai Kussainov. He said that not all the animals can pass this kind test. Only 20 horses made it to the finish. Adai horse breed was developed in Mangistau oblast of Kazakhstan. They are considered one of the most sturdy in the world. Nearly 60 years ago one of Adai horses set a record galloping 354 km in one day. However, until today this breed haven't had the official status and could not participate in international competitions.

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