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Nurly Zhol program requires more qualified professionals: State Secretary 02 января 2015, 14:47

The State Commission for Training Personnel Abroad has conducted a meeting in Akorda Presidential Palace to discuss implementation of Nurly Zhol plan.
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State Secretary Gulshara Abdykalykova. Photo courtesy of bnews.kz State Secretary Gulshara Abdykalykova. Photo courtesy of bnews.kz

The State Commission for Training Personnel Abroad has conducted a meeting in Akorda Presidential Palace to discuss implementation of Nurly Zhol plan, Tengrinews reports citing BNews.kz.

Earlier, President Nursultan Nazarbayev talked about the importance of highly qualified personnel for Nurly Zhol plan and Kazakhstan joining the Top-30 most developed countries of the world.

The large-scale infrastructural development program in Kazakhstan will providing new opportunities to enterprises and give a boost to businesses through the development of new transport routes and associated transportation services. The project with also increase the demand for highly qualified managers and professionals.

"We are going to construct a good highway from Astana to Ust-Kamenogorsk via Pavlodar. It will be similar to the one we already have between Astana, Kokshetau and Petropavlovsk. There will be a highway from Astana to Aktobe and the Caspian Sea, from Astana to the south to Almaty, from Almaty to Ust-Kamenogorsk. All these roads will be like beams radiating from Astana. This project will be called Nurly Zhol," President Nazarbayev said announcing the project in September.

"We need to link all the corners of our country to the center so that a person can travel, live and work in any place he or she chooses. (...) This is done to close the gap between all the regions and the center, the capital, and make the entire Kazakhstan a place comfortable for living," he said on September 19.

Kazakhstan is a Central Asian country the size of Western Europe. And the country this large needs a lot of high-quality roads from the capital to all its regions that will serve many generations, he said about the project on October 22. "The construction project will provide jobs and contracts for companies, and will help us keep up the size of our economy. The government is already working on this, and Astana also needs to get involved in implementation of these projects," he said calling Astana city an example for the rest of the cities in Kazakhstan.

The State Secretary of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalykova stressed the importance of training highly qualified staff for all sectors of Nurly Zhol program from development of transportation and logistic infrastructure to supporting small and medium business.

“It is not the quantity of professionals that is the most valuable now, but their quality. We need creative young people, innovators, professionals educated in the best universities of the world with progressive experience to implement the innovative projects in Kazakhstan. Investments in each scholarship recipients must multiply and return in the form of new knowledge, skills and experience for a step-by-step development of the country’s economy. We have to consider each region separately in terms of its economic attractiveness and competitiveness,” the State Secretary said.

According to Abdykalykova, training of professionals in leading universities as well as their active participation in the realization of the country’s new economic policy were two key factors for ensuring stable economic growth in Kazakhstan.

At the meeting, the Committee agreed on a plan for 2015 aimed at implementation of the new economic strategy. In particular, the emphasis will be put on attracting Bolashak Scholarship graduates to work on innovative projects.

The Committee has also revised the implementation of the Bolashak education scholarship program in 2014, considered requests from citizens and examined new initiatives for personnel training abroad. A list of prioritised majors to be funded via the scholarship in 2015 was approved by the Committee. Funding for 224 scholarships have been set aside for the year 2015. 

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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