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More than 1000 Kazakhstan students will get Bolashak scholarships to study abroad in 2012 18 апреля 2012, 12:27

More than 1000 Kazakhstan students will travel to study abroad under Bolashak program in 2012.
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More than 1000 Kazakhstan students will travel to study abroad under Bolashak program in 2012, website of the President of Kazakhstan. A meeting of the National Commission on Personnel Training Abroad chaired by State Secretary Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed was held on April 11 in Astana. “We have revised collateral property requirements and now talented young people from distant villages now have more opportunities to get the presidential scholarship. Personnel training schedules have been developed with due considerations of the country’s social, economical, cultural and humanitarian situation. From now on demands of regional industries are taken into account when the program's graduates are getting employed,” the President of Kazakhstan website reads. Teachers, engineers and medical personnel will be given opportunity to take part in the program together with research fellows. “Protocol decisions were made as a result of the meeting. We are planning to allocate funds for 1186 scholarships in 2012,” Akorda press-office said. “8000 students got the scholarships under Bolashak program, initiated by the President of Kazakhstan in the toughest period of nation’s infanthood. About 4000 young men and women have already finished their education abroad. 64% done their Bachelor and Master courses in the leading colleges and universities of the U.S. and Great Britain. This is a clear evidence of the Presidents care for the young talented generation,” Kazakhstan State secretary said in his speech.

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