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Kazakhstan wants to privatize public universities 31 октября 2013, 13:37

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan is planning to privatize state-owned universities.
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©Marat Abilov ©Marat Abilov
The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan is planning to privatize public universities, Tengrinews reports referring to Education Minister Aslan Sarinzhipov. "The proposed comprehensive solution consists in denationalization of the universities, and making them independent to promote competition among the country's universities for resources, academic teaching staff and students. To realize the plan we need to create a new form of incorporation, apply individual programs of university development, established result oriented funding patterns, introduce collective management and toughen anti-corruption measures," Sarinzhipov said during the government meeting this Tuesday. According to the minister, these steps are called for because public universities continue to be guided by old planned-economy-like principles. "Our universities are operating like public utility companies: they are providing services on behalf of the government at a low price. Today the national public universities are offering education services at the lowest possible fixed prices. The public universities' economic activities are regulated by 16 codes and 48 laws," the Minister said. The Ministry is poised to start introducing the corporate management principles into the country's eduction system staring from next year through the existing supervisory boards. "We propose adding representatives of local executive authorities, industries, the National Entrepreneurs Chamber and opinion leaders onto these supervisory boards. This are best international practices," he said. By Altynai Zhumzhumina

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