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Shymkent flooded by rain 02 июня 2014, 03:01

Heavy rains have flooded dozens of houses in Shymkent, in southern Kazakhstan on May 30, 2014.
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Heavy rains have flooded dozens of houses in Shymkent city on May 30, 2014, Tengrinews reports referring to the city’s emergency situations department. A monthly amount rainfall fell in a mere hour's time. During this hour the city's rescue services received around 100 calls. 

133 people and 42 vehicles were working to remedy the situation. 14 water pumps were pumping out water from the streets and basements. 800 sandbags were pile in dams to protect buildings from the water.

The southern city's emergency situations department said that Turlan Expedition district, Republic Avenue, Pavlov street were the most affected. Powerful stream of water in the Saratov street flooded gardens within minutes after the rainfall started. People had to rescue their pets. “It was terrible; the water flowed over with such a huge flow. The water level reached two feet in places. Walls are still damp," a local resident Valentina Timofeeva said.

Residents of a nine-storey apartment house were affected, too. A few days ago, workers removed the roof from the building and the heavy downpour flooded all the apartments from the 9th down to the 4th floors. “It was horrible what was going on. The water was pouring down from the ceiling, light bulbs, power sockets, everything was damaged," a local resident Kamshat Zhunisbekova said. "We were shocked. Then, the lights went out. Not all the tenants witnessed this, as many were at work. How are we supposed to live in such damp rooms now?” she questioned. 

"Shymkent’s irrigation systems and canals are not designed to sustain such amounts of water, because rainfall as heave as that one are uncommon in the area,” Deputy Head of Shymkent Emergency Department Yerkin Sarybayev said at the briefing.

A special commission will decide on whether Shymkent residents will be indemnified for damages and losses. Measures to eliminate the aftermath of rainfall are still taken.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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