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29.07.2015 11:50 Emergencies
Torrential rains and flooding have killed 81 people in Pakistan over the past two weeks and affected almost 300,000, the disaster management agency said Tuesday, warning of more bad weather to come.
09.06.2015 22:59 Emergencies
Heavy rains and winds have hit Kazakhstan's Almaty in the past two days.
29.05.2015 15:32 Disasters
Kazakhstan’s Internet users are making fun of the torrential rains that hit Astana in mid-May.
29.07.2014 14:14 Disasters
Heavy rains flooded 145 private houses and cellars of public institutions in Kokshetau on Monday.
23.07.2014 13:56 Emergencies
Sweltering temperatures across Japan have left at least three people dead while 3,000 others were rushed to hospital due to heatstroke, officials said.
17.07.2014 03:26 Strange News
One of China's renowned ancient towns was under water Wednesday as heavy rain hit the centre of the country, with tens of thousands of people evacuated from the area.
16.07.2014 11:41 Disasters
Typhoon Rammasun shut down the Philippine capital on Wednesday as authorities said the first major storm of the country's brutal rainy season claimed at least four lives and forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate.
12.07.2014 11:40 Disasters
Flooding and landslides during the Ivory Coast's rainy season have killed 39 people over the last month, officials said.
11.07.2014 17:10 Emergencies
Gale warning has been issued for several regions of Kazakhstan.
11.06.2014 13:42 Environment
Flooding has forced the evacuation of about 150,000 people in Paraguay's capital city Asuncion, authorities said.
08.06.2014 11:11 Emergencies
Flash floods have killed more than 50 people in northern Afghanistan, washing away hundreds of houses and forcing thousands to flee, provincial authorities said.
02.06.2014 03:01 Disasters
Heavy rains have flooded dozens of houses in Shymkent, in southern Kazakhstan on May 30, 2014.
29.05.2014 13:22 Environment
Torrential rains from tropical storm Amanda claimed the lives of three people in Mexico, authorities said.
22.05.2014 12:32 Emergencies
A Singapore Airlines plane skidded off the runway on touching down during heavy rain at Myanmar's Yangon International Airport, but no injuries were reported, the carrier said.
17.05.2014 12:52 Emergencies
Four people in Bosnia have died in flooding from the heaviest rainfall to hit the Balkans in over a century, officials said Friday, in what Serbia's premier has called a "horrible natural catastrophe".
06.05.2014 10:50 Education
Three men and a young girl died in the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, after torrential rains on Sunday dislodged a huge boulder which then crashed into a house, doctors said.
29.01.2014 14:22 Emergencies
Bolivia President Evo Morales declared a state of emergency on Tuesday to assist victims of the country's deadly rainy season, which has claimed 41 lives and left 20,000 people homeless according to provisional figures.
24.12.2013 12:07 Disasters
High winds and heavy rain battered parts of Europe on Monday, leaving at least two people dead and one man lost at sea off France, and disrupting travel two days from Christmas.
16.09.2013 10:56 Disasters
Torrential rain grounded rescue helicopters in Colorado for much of Sunday, slowing the search for hundreds of people unaccounted for after massive flooding in the western US state killed six.
27.08.2013 14:58 Disasters
Mudslides crashed through several homes in eastern Mexico on Monday, killing at least 13 people after a tropical storm pelted the state of Veracruz with heavy rains.
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