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Meltwater floods towns in Karaganda Oblast 26 марта 2015, 22:48

Meltwater has caused havoc in Karaganda Oblast in central Kazakhstan, flooding houses and killing cattle.
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Photo of witnesses Photo of witnesses

Dozens of homes has been flooded by the arriving meltwater in Karaganda Oblast in central Kazakhstan, a Tengrinews correspondent reports.

According to local residents of Agadyr station in Shet district, the water began to rise on March 24 at about 5 p.m.

"The electricity has been cut off, the water keeps coming, the furniture is damaged. Yesterday, the water was to my waist and it's not going away. The flood started abruptly," said one of the victims Gulmira Zhazykbayeva.

According to her, one of the local residents lost 40 sheep and goats. Both local and regional authorities came to the scene, she said, and promised to help those whose homes were damaged.

"Many houses, more than 20 have been damaged, we have made a list. The water is not going away," she said. She also mentioned that those, whose houses were flooded, were temporarily relocated to a nearby boarding school.

The Committee of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan informed that on March 24 that risk of flooding spiked as a result of meltwater arrival in a number of towns in Karkaralinsk and Karazhal, Aktogai, Zhanaarka, Bukhara-Zhyrau and Shet districts of Karaganda Oblast in central Kazakhstan.

A special response team was crated in the national crisis center to deal with the Central Kazakhstan spring flooding problem.

“Forces and means of the Department of Emergency Situations of Karaganda Oblast numbering 46 personnel and 13 pieces of equipment are involved in the emergency situation liquidation, as well as forces of local executive bodies. Meltwater has been pumped away from settlements in the listed districts of Karaganda Oblast," the press service of the department said.

Writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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