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11.03.2016 15:21 Environment
Residents in low-lying areas of the Marshall Islands are braced for flooding underscoring the islands' vulnerability to climate change.
10.03.2016 14:45 Disasters
The United States urges governments to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions from the collapse of Iraq's Mosul dam.
16.11.2015 16:25 Disasters
The death toll from a landslide triggered by flooding in China has risen to 25, with 12 more people missing.
06.10.2015 13:52 Disasters
Volunteers and firefighters began the gruelling task of cleaning up French Riviera towns strewn with mud and debris, as the death toll from floods which tore through the region rose to 20.
05.10.2015 13:24 Disasters
Violent storms and flooding along the chic French Riviera overnight have killed at least 16 people and left another five missing.
15.09.2015 14:24 Disasters
Japanese authorities said they had found all the people left missing after massive floods that devastated large areas north of Tokyo.
12.09.2015 14:41 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a disaster-struck city north of Tokyo in the aftermath of massive flooding that killed at least three people.
10.09.2015 15:56 Disasters
Tens of thousands of people were ordered to flee homes across Japan as heavy rain pounded the country, sending radiation-tainted waters into the ocean at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.
29.07.2015 11:50 Emergencies
Torrential rains and flooding have killed 81 people in Pakistan over the past two weeks and affected almost 300,000, the disaster management agency said Tuesday, warning of more bad weather to come.
08.07.2015 13:48 Entertainment, Style
Rocketing housing costs in Britain's capital have fuelled a surge in Londoners seeking cheaper accommodation on boats, with increased numbers putting pressure on the city's historic network of rivers and canals.
20.06.2015 10:21 Disasters
Georgian police were hunting down a tiger who escaped from the capital's flood-ravaged zoo after after another tiger mauled a man to death before being killed.
16.06.2015 12:24 Disasters
Nine people were missing in Georgia's capital Tbilisi, a day after freak floods killed 14 people and swept away zoo animals, some of which were shot after being found prowling the streets.
15.06.2015 10:45 Disasters
Lions, tigers and even a hippopotamus escaped from a zoo in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, adding to chaos caused by severe flooding that killed at least 12 people.
31.05.2015 01:12 Environment
Flood disaster in Kazakhstan has caused billions of tenge in damages and destruction.
13.05.2015 01:40 Disasters
A lot of efforts were made to preserve Astana from flooding. Technology were one way to do that as daily photographs of areas around the Kazakh capital were made to control the situation.
30.04.2015 17:07 Disasters
People have been evacuated from seven villages in East Kazakhstan Oblast as water flooded and damaged hundreds of houses.
28.04.2015 23:26 Emergencies
As waters subside in Kazakhstan's Karaganda Oblast, villagers start returning to their homes. Damages from the natural disaster remain to be assessed.
28.04.2015 00:32 Disasters
Water continues to rise in the Nura River, placing emergency services on high alert in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana.
27.04.2015 20:18 Disasters
Villagers from flood-hit areas in Kazakhstan ask for help and to assess damages to their homes. Emergency services are still working to counter the consequences of flooding and prevent additional ruin.
22.04.2015 20:00 Disasters
As meltwater in Kazakhstan subsides, there are still measure to be taken to deal with the consequences and secure people's livelihoods.
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