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French citizen got beaten up in Almaty 24 января 2012, 14:28

A French citizen has been beaten up in one of Almaty cafes.
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Tengrinews.kz stock photo Tengrinews.kz stock photo
French citizen has beaten up in one of Almaty cafes, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Almaty Interior Department. According to the Department, the incident happened in a café on Furmanov street, where 43-year-old French citizen was enjoying his time with his friend. “Around 10 p.m. two other visitors of the café initiated squabble with the foreigner and his friend and then beat them up,” the press-service states. The witnesses called the police after the incident. According to Interior Department, Buran police patrol arrived in 2.5 minutes, when the fight initiators were leaving the café. “Police found them at the café exit. The suspects did not immediately follow officers’ orders. After several minutes they were apprehended and delivered to the regional police department,” police explained. The French citizen and his friend wrote applications to the police requesting to incite criminal procedures against the bandits. One of attackers is a 26-year-old from Shymkent and his 27-year-old friend is from Almaty.

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