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Yandex to invest in start-ups 20 апреля 2011, 15:53

Yandex.Fabrika started investing into commercial start-ups. The company is looking for partners and talents.
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Photo courtesy of edcor.ru Photo courtesy of edcor.ru
As part of its internet-business development program Yandex.Fabrika started investing into commercial start-ups, Yandex press-office reports. Yandex Yandex allocates up to several hundred thousand dollars for the start-ups development program. Start-ups are the internet projects at an early stage of development. According to Yandex.Fabrika manager Kseniya Yelkina, the company is looking for partners and talents at the rapidly developing market of internet services. To get the investment money a start-up should make a presentation at Yandex.Start, open house day held on a regular basis. For example, Yandex purchased WebVisor and Loginza technologies as part of the start-ups development project. Any kind of projects from any country, inducing Kazakhstan can apply for the funding. Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia and Vkontakte are examples of successful internet-projects that began as start-ups.

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