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10.02.2016 18:32 Internet
Chinese consortium led by the Golden Brick Silk Road investment fund offered 10.5 billion kroner ($1.2 billion) to take over Opera Software
10.02.2016 17:22 People
Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate tycoon with bravado to spare, a former reality television star who says winning is everything.
23.12.2015 19:45 Laws, Initiatives
The German cartel authorities have banned the online hotel booking portal,, from using 'best pricer clause.
14.08.2015 18:26 Politics
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Almazbek Atambayev, President of Kyrgyzstan, have opened the customs border between the two countries.
04.08.2015 13:11 Politics
In his own words, Donald Trump is the very definition of American success. So why jeopardize a billion-dollar business empire for a populist shot at the White House?
01.07.2015 17:23 Strange News
President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi got stuck in an elevator during the Kazakh-Italian Business Forum in Milan.
05.06.2015 02:00 Markets
Chairman of Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors Ulf Wokurka offers recommendations to the Kazakhstan Government on visa regime, taxes, decriminalisation of tax and economic offences, education and attraction of investments.
30.05.2015 21:56 Politics
Kazakhstan’s businessmen have been invited to do business in Croatia.
14.05.2015 02:06 Companies
Chief Human Resources Officer at Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kazakhstan Samruk Kazyna says that the fund may reduce the number of its foreign experts in the near future.
04.05.2015 13:34 Science, Technologies
Five Kazakh teams will present their startups at Singapore's annual Echelon Asia Summit.
20.04.2015 14:33 Politics
The USA plans to offer 10-year business and tourist visas to Kazakhstanis.
20.04.2015 12:45 Fun Stuff
Dove's Choose Beautiful aiming to empower women raises controversy.
07.04.2015 08:47 Laws, Initiatives
Almaty could be getting its very own legislation for business and investments.
12.03.2015 22:13 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has called well-to-do citizens to use the chance of legalizing their property and money and bring their capitals back to Kazakhstan.
12.03.2015 16:59 Companies
34-year old Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev becomes one of KKB's major shareholders as part of the ongoing integration KKB and BTA banks.
08.01.2015 15:29 Companies
British supermarket giant Tesco launched cost-cutting plans to shut stores, sell assets and axe its dividend.
03.01.2015 11:56 Politics
Strengthening of tenge against Russian ruble negatively affects industrial sectors of Kazakh economy, therefore National Chamber believes it is necessary to introduce trade barriers.
26.12.2014 16:32 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Minister of Justice Berik Imashev observed recent trends in registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights and other types of intellectual property in Kazakhstan.
19.12.2014 16:07 Industry, Infrastructure
China intends to transfer dozens of enterprises in non-energy sector to Kazakhstan.
16.12.2014 13:14 Finance
Kazakhstan and US increase cooperation in trade and economic cooperation. Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov's visit to Washington aimed at strengthening this cooperation.
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