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Six Kazakhstan airlines banned from flights 29 октября 2013, 16:08

Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications revoked licenses of several air carriers.
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Six Kazakhstan airlines have been temporarily banned from making flights, Tengrinews reports citing the official website of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Ministry revoked the licenses of several air carriers. The licenses for aviation activities of D.E.T.A. Air, MEGA, Euro-Asia Air International, Samal Air, Asia Continental Airlines, KazAir West were recalled after re-certification held by experts of the Ministry’s Civil Aviation Commission jointly with ICAO experts. This measure was applied because of the airlines’ incompliance with the certification requirements. The certificate of SemeiAvia was not prolonged. The licenses of Irtysh-Air and Jet Airlines were suspended because of the lack of the required staff, flight documents and engineering-technical coverage. Besides, the Ministry checked 163 aircrafts. Operation of one aircraft was suspended and incompliances with the requirements were discovered in 22 aircrafts and have eliminated as of today. Re-certification of airlines and aircrafts performing commercial flights started in March 2013 jointly with ICAO experts. As of today, 57 civil aviation companies were re-certified, including 54 airlines, 3 maintenance companies and 163 aircrafts.

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