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11.05.2016 19:46 Laws, Initiatives
A Significant Safety Concern (SSC) in Kazakhstan has been finally resolved through joint efforts in early May. This leaves no crucial concerns indicated by ICAO for Kazakhstan unresolved.
04.05.2016 14:15 Companies
Air France-KLM said Wednesday it cut its losses in the first quarter of 2016 but passenger traffic to Paris was affected by terror attacks.
29.03.2016 14:56 Emergencies
A hijacker seized an Egyptian airliner and diverted it to Cyprus, before releasing all the passengers except four foreigners and the crew.
04.03.2016 14:54 Emergencies
An Air France Airbus A320 narrowly avoided colliding with a drone as it was about to land in Paris on a flight from Barcelona.
03.03.2016 17:37 Companies
Emirates Airline, which was to launch what it called the world's longest non-stop flight this month, postponed those plans for a year.
27.01.2016 15:12 Religion
Thailand's air safety body warned passengers that lucky 'child angel' dolls cannot be considered real people and must be properly stowed.
24.12.2015 16:54 Companies
Mitsubishi Heavy is postponing delivery of the first made-in-Japan passenger jet, a little more than a month after its maiden test flight.
28.09.2015 19:22 Markets
Kazakhstan's compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards has risen from 47 to 65 percent.
07.09.2015 18:00 Science, Technologies
Less then 10% of airlines have introduced full-time flight tracking recommended by IATA. Why is the simple process taking so long?
24.08.2015 21:24 Companies
Following suit of the Kazakhstan national airline Air Astana, another Kazakh airline SCAT has announced a ticket price rise.
24.08.2015 20:56 Fun Stuff
Canadian WestJet flight attendant acts out safety demonstration
24.08.2015 15:13 Companies
Kazakhstan’s national airline Air Astana has raised ticket prices on international flights after Kazakhstan floated the tenge.
21.08.2015 18:16 Companies
Kazakhstani SCAT is to contract 20 Russian Sukhoi Super Jet-100 (SSJ-100) aircraft.
06.08.2015 19:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Astana airport will not be receiving or releasing any flights from 10:00 pm to 03:00 am from August 19 to 25.
29.07.2015 00:33 Companies
The UK's flag carrier British Airways is terminating flights to Kazakhstan.
09.07.2015 15:13 Companies
A new low-cost airline Qazaq Air has been presented in Kazakhstan's Astana.
25.06.2015 22:41 Companies
Air Astana, the anchor airlines in Kazakhstan, has arranged for operational leasing of 7 Airbus planes from A320 neo family.
18.06.2015 16:06 Emergencies
SCAT airplane has caught fire in the airport of Aktau city in western Kazakhstan.
30.05.2015 14:00 Environment
Moscow international airports on Friday delayed or cancelled more than 100 flights due to stormy weather.
29.05.2015 14:20 Politics
Kazakhstan and Luxembourg have inked a number of bilateral treaties following the meeting of Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel on May 21.
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