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MangistauMunaiGas to drill five wells for bitumen plant 06 сентября 2013, 15:15

Drilling of five new wells by MangistauMunaiGas in Kalamkas and Zhetybai fields is probably related to demand for new supplies to the bitumen plant in Aktau: expert.
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Drilling of five new wells by MangistauMunaiGas in Kalamkas and Zhetybai fields is probably related to demand for new supplies of oil to the new bitumen plant in Aktau, senior fellow of the Institute of Economics of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science Oleg Yegorov told Tengrinews.kz. “Drilling five new wells means increasing production. Oil from Kalamkas field is currently used irrationally in Kazakhstan. But the new bitumen plant is being launched in Aktau. This is where Kalamkas oil will be used,” the expert believes. MangistauMunaiGas plans to drill five additional production wells. There is also a plan to implement several individual technical projects at Kalamkas field. Directional drilling of injection wells of complex construction to the target depth of 900 meters, as well as simple wells with the similar target depths is planned. According to the analyst of the Agency for Investments Profitability Research Kamilla Manakova, MangistauMunaiGas produced 2.97 million tons of oil and condensate in January-June 2013. 2.08 million tons of them were produced from Kalamkas field and 689 thousand tons from Zhetybai field. “Thus, the average monthly production made 347 thousand tons of oil from Kalamkas field and 115 thousand tons from Zhetybai field in the first half of the year. In general, MangistauMunaiGas production made 495 thousand tons of oil per month in January-June,” the speaker said. According to Manakova, the target for Q3 and Q4 of 2013 is 1.5 million tons of oil and condensate per quarter, i.e. 508 thousand tons per month in Q3 and 507 thousand tons per month in Q4. “Overproduction is quite possible,” she added. The plan was to produce 512 thousand tons of oil in July 2013, while the actual production made 521 thousand tons versus 500.6 thousand tons in June (production went 12 thousand tons up in Kalamkas and 7 thousand tons up in Zhetybai). “Compared to June, production buildup in July 2013 is among other factors explained by complementing the company’s operating well stock with four wells and the injection well stock with six wells. Thus, if the stocks are complemented with five production and two injection wells, one can expect the production in Kalamkas field to gain additional 10 to 15 thousand tons of oil and condensate per month,” the expert said. A leading expert of Finam Management Dmitry Baranov saidthat most probably the average daily flow rate of these wells would be similar to the wells that had been drilled earlier in these fields. “Geological conditions of the field are very well known and they don’t vary much. That’s why the flow rate will be approximately the same,” he said. According to him, the plans are realistic, as the company has been producing oil from these fields for a long time; it knows the location of the oil deposits and has all the necessary resources to produce the oil. “Besides, the company has the capacity to bring in additional resources if needed to intensify production in these fields,” the speaker said. By Azhar Ashirova

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