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16.04.2015 19:35 Emergencies
Three children have faited during classes in Berezovka village just several months after a series of mass incidents of the same nature.
01.04.2015 00:34 Companies
Projects for expansion of production capacity at Tengiz oil and gas field in Western Kazakhstan have seen their price tag soar. By $15 billion!
07.01.2015 01:43 Politics
Production at Kashagan field remains halted for an unspecified time; the need to replace pipes threatens the future of the oil project.
07.11.2014 17:28 Industry, Infrastructure
KazMunaiGas Vice Chairman Tiyesov has spoken in the Mazhilis informing the deputies that Kazakhstan will face a decline in oil production should no new fields be discovered in the upcoming decade.
23.10.2014 18:46 Markets
Sweet potato was planted in three different regions of Kazakhstan in a pilot project for South Korea. First harvest has been obtained.
13.10.2014 14:17 Industry, Infrastructure
The cost of Kashagan project is estimated to rise by another $4 billion, Financial Times reports.
13.08.2014 13:21 People
An Iranian-born mathematician has become the first woman to win a prestigious global prize known as the Field Medal.
14.07.2014 15:08 Companies
Kashagan will be developed by a consolidated joint venture company.
07.06.2014 16:44 Companies
Exxon Mobil, an American major multinational oil and gas corporation and world’s third largest company by revenue, may take over as Kashagan's new operator.
24.10.2013 13:55 Emergencies
Bus driver failed to yield the right of way to a heavy truck at Karachaganak gas condensate; 18 workers were injured, four of them gravely.
20.09.2013 15:40 Industry, Infrastructure
The vanadium deposit in Kazakhstan's Kyzylorda oblast can cover 10 percent of the global vanadium market.
06.09.2013 15:15 Companies
Drilling of five new wells by MangistauMunaiGas in Kalamkas and Zhetybai fields is probably related to demand for new supplies to the bitumen plant in Aktau: expert.
07.08.2013 19:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Preliminary results of geological exploration of the new Kazakhstan oil field have showed the total anticipated reserves of around 120 million tons (880 million barrels).
14.03.2013 19:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Two promising offshore fields discovered at the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan for the first time after Kashagan field.
24.01.2013 19:43 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has instructed his government to return the oil fields that are not being put to use back into the state ownership.
11.10.2012 17:49 Companies
Sumatec Resources plans to enter Rakushechnoe field in Kazakhstan.
17.05.2012 19:45 Industry, Infrastructure
Everything will be completed and pilot exploitation will start by the end of the year: KazMunaiGas chairman.
24.04.2012 20:29 Finance
Foreign professionals will be able to earn $15-20 billion in 7-9 years working on development of major oil fields of Kazakhstan.
17.04.2012 16:34 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan Government has updated the list of the fields of strategic importance.
21.02.2012 14:40 Companies
The head of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund met with the head of Gazprom.
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