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17.11.2015 12:55 Companies
National Champions are expected to develop Kazakhstan's industry and considerably increase non-commodity exports by 2018.
05.12.2013 16:43 Science, Technologies
Australian researchers said Thursday they had established the existence of vast freshwater reserves trapped beneath the ocean floor which could sustain future generations as current sources dwindle.
08.11.2013 13:18 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan-focused British Max Petroleum is planning to drill two more wells in the Uytas field.
11.09.2013 14:09 Companies
British Max Petroleum PLC has discovered oil at Sagiz West and Uitas fields in Atyrau oblast in western Kazakhstan.
06.09.2013 15:15 Companies
Drilling of five new wells by MangistauMunaiGas in Kalamkas and Zhetybai fields is probably related to demand for new supplies to the bitumen plant in Aktau: expert.
26.08.2013 13:52 Environment
Greenpeace activists paraglided to the top of the main stand of the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday to protest against drilling in the Arctic by the race's main sponsor, the Shell oil giant.
20.08.2013 18:57 Disasters
Residents of Atyrau oblast are outraged at the abandoned well 800 meters from Zhanbai village that is blowing with boiling mixtures of underground gases.
15.04.2013 17:46 Environment
Activists have planted a flag at the North Pole along with millions of signatures calling for the Arctic to be declared a global sanctuary protected from oil drilling.
20.02.2013 10:01 Military
South Korea staged a naval exercise involving US surveillance aircraft on Tuesday, flexing its military muscles at a time of high tensions on the Korean Peninsula following the North's third nuclear test.
04.02.2013 12:18 Military
South Korea and the United States launched a joint naval exercise involving a US nuclear submarine Monday, as tensions rise on the Korean peninsula ahead of an expected nuclear test by North Korea.
28.01.2013 18:16 Companies
Striking workers of Si Bu Engineering Drilling Company went back to work after a successful meeting with their oblast's Governor.
17.01.2013 12:45 Science, Technologies
The Mars rover Curiosity will soon begin to drill into the Red Planet for the first time, mission officials said Tuesday ahead of the highly anticipated endeavor.
09.01.2013 10:22 Environment
An oil rig which ran aground in Alaska has been refloated and is being towed to a nearby harbor, with no signs of pollution seen.
04.01.2013 11:50 Companies
The United States hit drilling rig operator Transocean with $1.4 billion in criminal and civil fines Thursday for its role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
16.12.2012 15:15 Environment
Australia Saturday announced plans to drill a 2,000 year-old ice core in the heart of Antarctica in a bid to retrieve a frozen record of how the planet has evolved and what might be in store.
25.09.2012 17:29 Markets
Lebanon is technically ready to start drilling for offshore natural gas reserves, its energy minister said on Monday, after exploration in around half the country's exclusive economic zone was completed.
03.08.2012 15:35 Companies
Upstream division (exploration and production) of Rompetrol group starts drilling the first exploration well at Fokshani block in Romania.
18.06.2012 15:49 Industry, Infrastructure
KazMunaiGas, along with KNOC, completed manufacturing of a submersible drilling barge Caspian Explorer; it was officially floated on June 14.
25.08.2011 19:21 Kazakhstan
Early next year the drill rig will be delivered to the Caspian Sea in separate blocks.