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KazTransOil announces 2012 earnings 11 марта 2013, 18:07

KazTransOil earned over 33 billion tenge ($220 million) in 2012.
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Photo by tengrinews.kz Photo by tengrinews.kz
KazTransOil made over 33 billion tenge ($220 million) in 2012, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the company’s Director General Kairkeldy Kabyldin during the briefing on the results of the financial-economic and business activities of KazTransOil in 2012. “The consolidated net profit of KazTransOil in 2012 exceeded 33 billion tenge ($220 million), which is 30 percent above the target and 29.1 percent more than in 2011,” Kabyldin said. According to the company, the consolidated volume of oil and oil products transportation and transfer by KazTransOil made 66 million tons, which is 2.8 percent over the target. Consolidated cargo turnover made 42 billion ton/km in 2012. “KazTransOil is supplying water from Volga to the consumers in Kazakhstan’s Atyrau and Mangistau oblasts via Astrakhan-Mangyshlak water pipeline. The volume of water supplies made 23 million cubic meters in 2012, which is 10.3 percent over the target. The consolidated profits from the company’s main activities in 2012 made 143 billion tenge ($954 million), which is 4.8 above the target and 1.8 percent more than in 2011,” he continued. The company’s Director General noted that KazTransOIl floated over 38 million common shares as part of the People’s IPO program in Kazakhstan in 2012. The subscription took place in the period from November 6 to December 5. On December 21, 2012 the shares were distributed and transferred to the broker accounts of the investors and the secondary trade started on December 25. As a result, 33,989 Kazakhstan citizens and 10 pension funds became shareholders of the company. By Baubek Konyrov

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