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10.09.2015 17:50 Laws, Initiatives
Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting has been postponed till 2020 in Kazakhstan.
20.11.2013 12:30 Cinema, Music
Business magazine Forbes named Madonna the highest-paid musician in the world on Tuesday, estimating her earnings at $125 million in the year to June.
03.08.2013 17:54 Markets
A jam-packed week of economic data and corporate earnings amounted to only modest movement in US equities, as stocks closed out a hectic week of news Friday only somewhat higher.
27.07.2013 20:23 Companies
With the shift to mobile Internet gaining pace, some of the big tech firms are adapting and others are not.
20.07.2013 17:17 Markets
Microsoft shares were hammered Friday after a disappointing earnings report cast doubts on the tech giant's transition to a post-PC world.
16.05.2013 10:33 Entertainment, Style
A pair of pearl earrings belonging to actress Gina Lollobrigida sold for an auction record of $2.39 million at Sotheby's Geneva Tuesday as the veteran Italian star auctioned off some dazzling jewellery.
11.03.2013 18:07 Companies
KazTransOil earned over 33 billion tenge ($220 million) in 2012.
12.02.2013 14:13 Companies
The company's last year's financial soundness indicators are within the standard range and have a positive dynamics compared to 2011.
25.10.2012 10:47 Companies
Facebook said it was making strong gains in tapping the mobile advertising market as the world's leading social network turned in better-than-expected third quarter earnings Tuesday.
20.10.2012 17:54 Finance
A reality blast of disappointing earnings from a clutch of US business heavyweights wiped out midweek gains Friday as US markets suffered another poor week.
27.07.2012 16:43 Companies
Facebook shares on Thursday sank to a new low after the world's leading social network reported a loss of $157 million in its first earnings after its public offering.
27.07.2012 12:50 Companies
Facebook reports its first earnings as a public company Thursday in an announcement that will be closely watched for signs of whether the social media giant can deliver on its financial promise.
26.06.2012 15:19 Cinema, Music
The filmmakers hoped that the $68 million movie would draw at least $20 million in its first weekend.
13.03.2012 12:10 Cinema, Music
John Carter blockbuster gathered more than 40 million tenge (about $268 000) in the first day of its Kazakhstan release.
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