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Kazakhstan company suggests solution for wastes disposal 12 марта 2013, 12:26

Lemonadoff company started accepting empty plastic bottles used for their drinks at 10 tenge ($0.07) per bottle.
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Photo courtesy of spiegel.de Photo courtesy of spiegel.de
A Kazakhstan drinks producer has suggested a solution for wastes disposal, Tengrinews.kz reports. Lemonadoff company started accepting empty plastic bottles used for their drinks at 10 tenge ($0.07) per bottle. The bottles are then recycled. Lemonadoff suggests that this measure will be beneficial for the ecology and will create a precedent for other producers. According to Director General Abdulaziz Ermetov, roadsides in Kazakhstan are littered with garbage, including plastic bottles. “Unfortunately, our people are not very concerned about the environment. That’s why we have decided that a monetary remuneration for empty bottles would be a good motivation for people,” he said. “I know that machines accepting used bottles are quite popular in Europe. They are often placed in supermarkets. We are now working on implementation of a similar project in Kazakhstan. But we start from little things: now used PET-bottles of Salute and Lemonadoff can be returned for money and not just thrown away.” All the bottles we receive are crashed in special equipment before processing. The company is now in talks on supplies of recyclable materials to several companies producing plastic goods. The company says that it is not receiving very many bottles for the time being because of low awareness of the population and their insufficient concern about the environment. The wastes disposal problem is quite acute in Kazakhstan and in Almaty in particular. A waste-processing plant opened in Almaty in 2007 but was later suspended. Lemonadoff company was established in 2005. Its main activities include production of draught and bottled soft drinks. In autumn 2012 the company introduced a new product at the health food market: Salute innovative drinks. “This is a completely new product for Kazakhstan market that has no equivalents,” Ermetov said. “Salute Beauty Inside contains pomegranate extract that is often referred to a “the youth draught”. The pomegranate extract and a complex of vitamins improve skin and hair and help general health improvement. Besides, the drink contains L-Carnitine amino acid that helps transform fatty acids into energy and helps people become slimmer.” According to him, the drink was made in cooperation with the leading companies Fortitech and Lonza. The development process involved experts from the United States, Denmark and Switzerland. The Kazakhstan company’s idea of “beauty and health drinks” is part of a wide trend at the market: the global giant Coca-Cola has announced a new healthy drinks line with active food additives in France. “While French consumers are still waiting, Kazakhstan residents already have a chance to drink innovative drinks for beauty and health. The news from Coca-Cola show that functional drinks are a new trend among producers and we are pleased to become one of the first in the world to dive into it,” the Director of Lemonadoff Food said.

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