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08.08.2016 15:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Thousands of people took to the streets of a city in eastern China to protest against a possible Sino-French nuclear project.
28.04.2016 17:36 Environment
More than 100 tonnes of clams have perished in central Vietnam because of a possible toxic leak into the sea near an industrial zone.
13.08.2015 17:28 Companies
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating has been fined for improper storage of 64.22 tons of liquid waste at Karachaganak field.
25.06.2015 20:39 Environment
Construction of a hazardous waste recycling plant is planned in Pavlodar.
21.03.2015 13:50 Environment
The unpleasant smell in Astana caused by sewage waters discharged into Taldykol Lake near the capital city will be eliminated by 2017.
09.02.2015 15:51 Science, Technologies
A university in East Kazakhstan has developed a new method for wastewater purification from heavy metals.
18.01.2015 04:51 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is planning to build two nuclear power plants and dispose waste at the Semipalatinsk Test Site.
15.01.2015 09:45 Emergencies
Oil wastes were burning in one of Aktaus' industrial zones in Kazakhstan's West.
08.11.2014 19:45 Industry, Infrastructure
A hazardous waste recycling plant worth $100 million will be built in Pavlodar in Kazakhstan’s north.
04.08.2014 14:41 Environment
Kazakh Ministry and UNDP have shipped 80 tonnes of hazardous sovtol from Kazakhstan to France and disposed of it there.
29.01.2014 12:11 Markets
‘Green’ energy will be generated from 30% of all the wastes in Kazakhstan by 2050.
14.11.2013 15:11 Environment
More than 100 thousand tons of chemical waste is piled out in the open air near Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
03.10.2013 23:40 Environment
51 million tons of radioactive wastes are kept at the storage facility for uranium-containing wastes of Koshkar-Ata chemical plant near Aktau.
18.09.2013 21:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is getting year another coal fueled power plant, a South Korean-owned one this time.
30.07.2013 18:41 Environment
The chemical wastes dumpsite will open in Pavlodar.
22.07.2013 14:29 Emergencies
Garbage has caught fire at a solid domestic waste dump in Mangistau oblast on July 20.
29.06.2013 13:44 Environment
On a recent rainy Sunday morning in a Mexico City neighborhood, people lined up under their umbrellas with bags of empty milk cartons, plastic bottles and cardboard at their feet.
29.05.2013 12:40 Companies
Wal-Mart was hit with $110 million in US federal and state fines Tuesday after pleading guilty to criminal charges of mishandling hazardous waste and pesticides at its retail stores.
28.05.2013 13:02 Environment
With too many people chucking their garbage into neighbours' bins -- or worse, the woods -- to avoid paying for disposal, Poland has taken on a massive overhaul of its laissez-faire waste management system.
02.05.2013 18:11 Environment
All projects of long-term placement of arsenic wastes in Zyryanovsk region suggested by KazZinc were turned down by Kazakhstan government.
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