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29.11.2014 14:11 Health
Kazakhstan may introduce a ban on energy drinks.
22.10.2014 19:51 Health
The World Health Organization has recommended Kazakhstanis to abstain from drinking tea during mealtime.
10.10.2014 15:30 Science, Technologies
A can of Red Bull won't give you wings, but those who bought the energy drink and were disappointed could end up with a few extra bucks.
06.06.2014 09:58 National cooking
New York City took its fight to limit the size of sodas and other sweet drinks blamed by some for obesity back to an appeals court Wednesday.
23.03.2014 13:24 People
Air Astana did not let a whole family onboard due to “destructive” behavior of the father.
14.11.2013 16:19 Laws, Initiatives
The fine for driving drunk will be increased to 1 million tenge ($6,530) in Kazakhstan.
02.10.2013 14:54 Companies
US soft drinks giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo must make their sugar suppliers act to stop so-called land grabs in countries such as Brazil and Cambodia.
01.08.2013 11:33 Companies
The multi-billion-dollar global energy drink industry joined forces on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to fight off growing claims that their caffeine-rich products are hazardous to young people's health.
05.04.2013 11:52 Cinema, Music
Gerard Depardieu was due in a Paris court Friday to face a drink-driving charge but it was unclear whether the eccentric French actor would show up after skipping a previous court date.
12.03.2013 13:55 Laws, Initiatives
A New York judge blocked mayor Michael Bloomberg's planned ban on giant sodas Monday, dealing a setback to his public health agenda just hours before curbs on selling such drinks were due to begin.
12.03.2013 12:26 Companies
Lemonadoff company started accepting empty plastic bottles used for their drinks at 10 tenge ($0.07) per bottle.
15.12.2012 13:55 Companies
Coca-Cola FEMSA of Mexico is to take control of the US soft drink firm's bottling operations in the Philippines in a $688.5 million cash deal.
25.10.2012 10:22 Crime
The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths and a heart attack for possible links to consumption of Monster Energy drinks, an agency spokeswoman.
21.10.2012 10:38 Health
Mexico, second in obesity in the world after the United States, wants its children to cut down on the soft drinks and fatty foods that have made them the chubbiest kids in Latin America.
20.10.2012 17:11 Crime
The family of a 14-year-old Maryland girl is suing the California makers of Monster Energy, alleging Friday that too much caffeine in the popular energy drink led to her death.
19.10.2012 10:02 Military
A private security company working for the US government in Afghanistan is in hot water after a video surfaced allegedly showing several of its employees drunk and on drugs.
14.10.2012 12:49 Companies
A US beverage industry group and other businesses filed a lawsuit Friday against the administration of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg seeking to block restrictions on sales of large soda drinks.
14.09.2012 18:28 Laws, Initiatives
New York on Thursday became the first city in the United States to impose a limited ban on super-sized soda drinks blamed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg for fueling a national obesity crisis.
18.08.2012 10:04 Laws, Initiatives
An overwhelming majority of New Yorkers oppose Mayor Michael Bloomberg's unprecedented proposal for banning super-sized sweet drinks and his support for breastfeeding.
03.07.2012 12:02 People
Kazakhstan Institute of Political Solutions has made a survey of the beverages preferred by Kazakhstan citizens.
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