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Gazprom to pay Kyrgyzstan's gas debts to Kazakhstan 24 декабря 2012, 17:31

Russian Gazprom, the new owner of KyrgyzGas, will pay Kyrgyzstan’s gas debts to Kazakhstan.
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New owner of KyrgyzGas, Russian Gazprom, will pay Kyrgyzstan’s gas debts to Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev as saying at the press-conference in Bishkek. The current debt of KyrgyzGas to KazTransGas is over $3 million. “Our Kazakhstan partners have been notified that these debts will be paid off by Gazprom. Both President and Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan know it,” Atambayev said. “I would like to note that Kyrgyzstan has for the first time diversified gas supplies to the country. This is a big achievement. Without alternative gas supplies from Kazakhstan, north Kyrgyzstan would have been left without fuel,” the President added. Atambayev also said that Kyrgyzstan was ready to sell KyrgyzGas for 1 som, provided that the new owner will pay off all its debts. “Kyrgyzstan does not need KyrgyzGas, we need gas and we need it cheap,” Kyrgyzstan President said. Earlier Kyrgyzstan Prime-Minister Zhantoro Satybaldiyev suggested to sell KyrgyzGas for $1. He said that the country’s government was ready to take this step to avoid problems with gas supplies to the country. Atambayev also added that Kyrgyzstan will sell KyrgyzGas to Russian Gazprom under several terms: guaranteed gas supplies around the year, lower price compared to gas prices in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as a compulsory investment of $500 million into infrastructure and gas exploration in Kyrgyzstan.

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