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©RIA Novosti Russia's Gazprom delays pipeline project amid Turkey tensions Russian gas giant Gazprom said its TurkStream pipeline project with Turkey would be delayed as tensions between Moscow and Ankara peak over Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict.
08 октября 2015
Photo © REUTERS Ukraine wants to buy Kazakh and Turkmen gas Ukraine has once again raised the question of buying gas from Kazakhstan.
17 июля 2015
EU to announce anti-trust charges against Gazprom: sources EU regulators will announce on Wednesday anti-trust charges against Russia energy giant Gazprom, sources close to the matter told AFP.
21 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Russia's Gazprom profits plunge 61%, hit by Ukraine row Russia's gas giant Gazprom said its third quarter profits plunged 61 percent as supplies were suspended to Ukraine, one of its main customers.
29 января 2015
Photo courtesy of Russia's Gazprom buys partners' shares in South Stream project Russian gas giant Gazprom said it had taken complete control of the company behind the abandoned South Stream pipeline project, buying shares belonging to France's EDF.
30 декабря 2014
Ukraine energy exec urges EU pressure on Russia's Gazprom The head of the Ukraine's national energy company called on European officials to pressure Gazprom over the Russian energy giant's dealings with Slovakia.
10 октября 2014
Tensions spiral over Russian gas amid Ukraine crisis Poland accused Russia's Gazprom of slashing gas deliveries by half, which analysts said was likely aimed at sending a message to the EU.
12 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Alexander Demianchuk Gazprom chief escaped sanctions after European lobbying The head of Russian state gas giant Gazprom escaped being named on a list of EU sanctions over the Ukraine crisis after lobbying from European energy firms, Moscow newspaper Vedomosti reported.
16 мая 2014
Dozens die in Odessa blaze as Ukraine violence spreads More than 30 people were killed in a "criminal" blaze in Ukraine's southern city of Odessa, as violence spread across the country during the bloodiest day since Kiev's Western-backed government took power.
03 мая 2014
©Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin Gazprom warns new sanctions could hit EU gas supplies Russia's energy giant Gazprom warned on Tuesday that new Western sanctions aimed at punishing the Kremlin for its perceived attempts to destabilise Ukraine could both hurt its stock price and leave Europe without crucial gas supplies.
30 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Alexander Demianchuk Russia seeks over $11 bn in 'debt' from Ukraine: Gazprom Chairman of Russia's Gazprom Alexei Miller on Saturday said that Ukraine must pay back the full discount it has been granted on Russian gas over the past four years, worth $11.4 billion.
05 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of Gazprom ups pressure on Ukraine with gas price rise Russian energy giant Gazprom on Tuesday announced it was raising the price of gas exports to Ukraine by more than a third, scrapping a previous discount amid mounting strains between the two countries.
01 апреля 2014
Arctic protester vows to fight on after Russian case closed A British Greenpeace protester Tuesday said he was "jubilant" after Russia closed the criminal case against him for staging a protest on an oil rig, and vowed to keep fighting for environmental issues.
25 декабря 2013
Greenpeace disrupts Champions League match to protest sponsor Gazprom Greenpeace campaigners briefly interrupted a Champions League match in Basel on Tuesday to protest against sponsor and Russian energy giant Gazprom.
03 октября 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan negotiating gas supplies with Russia Kazakhstan is negotiating gas supplies to Astana with Russia.
18 сентября 2013
Timur Kulibayev. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kulibayev leaves Nazarbayev's freelance advisor post Timur Kulibayev, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s son-in-law, stopped being the President’s freelance advisor.
15 августа 2013
©RIA NOVOSTI Gazprom abandons arctic gas project for now Russia's energy giant Gazprom said on Thursday it was giving up development of the Shtokman natural gas field under the arctic Barents Sea until new technology made the project viable.
28 июня 2013
Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Minister Sauat Mynbayev. Photo by Danial Okassov© Heads of Gazprom and Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Ministry discuss joint projects in energy Gazprom and Kazakhstan discussed prospects of bilateral cooperation.
21 марта 2013
Gazprom requests KazTransGas to lower gas prices for Kyrgyzstan Gazprom is requesting that KazTransGas lowers gas prices from $224 to $200 for 500 million cubic meters to be supplied to Kyrgyzstan.
26 декабря 2012
©RIA Novosti Gazprom to pay Kyrgyzstan's gas debts to Kazakhstan Russian Gazprom, the new owner of KyrgyzGas, will pay Kyrgyzstan’s gas debts to Kazakhstan.
24 декабря 2012

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