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Pierre Richard to star in film about Kazakhstan 03 октября 2014, 00:54

The French are going to shoot a movie in Kazakhstan starring Pierre Richard in lead role.
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Photo courtesy of fooz.ru Photo courtesy of fooz.ru

French film-makers are going to shoot a film in Kazakhstan’s Shymkent. The main role in the film tentatively titled "Uncharted Land" will be played by a star of French cinema Pierre Richard who recently celebrated his 80th anniversary.

Film director Marc Ruscart and screenwriter Olivier Delahaye spoke to Tengrinews correspondent about the project.

The two arrived in Shymkent "to prepare the ground for the film." Kazakhstan was their immediate choice but the city was chosen accidentally.

"We just looked at the map and saw Shymkent. And we thought: let’s go there. I trust my intuition. So now we are here," Ruscart shared.

This is the way the authors decided to introduce Kazakhstan to the European audience. They said that in Europe Kazakhstan was mostly associated with the notorious movie "Borat", and they were going to dispel the myth.

In their story, the protagonist of the movie played by Pierre Richard comes to Shymkent with preconceived notions about the country. "He will get used to life here, and with every event and incident the Frenchman will change the view of the city and the country," Delahaye shares.

Kazakh actors will join Pierre Richard on the set. A special casting will be held for that.

The authors have not opened out about the budget of picture but revealed that if the project is financed by Kazakh investors, the picture would be first released in Kazakhstan.

Preparatory work is currently underway. The film crew is getting acquainted with the sights of Kazakhstan's south, local cuisine and customs. Then they will write a script for Richard’s character.

The creators said that the whole process would take about a year. In addition, there is a need to adjust to the schedule of the French film star, so they would start the shooting as soon as there is an opening in Pierre Richard's projects.

By Dinara Urazova

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