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David Lemieux. Photo courtesy of Don't forget disclaimer after Borat reference, especially when facing Golovkin The Canadian IBF middleweight champion David Lemieux soon facing the undefeated Kazakhstani Gennady Golovkin has, too, taken the Borat reference.
02 сентября 2015
Photo courtesy of Pierre Richard to star in film about Kazakhstan The French are going to shoot a movie in Kazakhstan starring Pierre Richard in lead role.
03 октября 2014
 Victor Vilks. Photo a courtesy of Latvian filmmaker to respond to Borat for Kazakhstan The Latvian filmmaker Victor Vilks is planning to make a new movie that will be a response to Borat on behalf of Kazakhstan.
17 декабря 2013
Gennady Golovkin. Photo courtesy of Al Bello Golovkin named most talked-about Kazakh since Borat American newspaper USA Today has named boxer Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan the most talked-about Kazakh since Borat.
10 ноября 2013
British Prime-Minister David Cameron. ©REUTERS Cameron admits watching Borat before visiting Kazakhstan Great Britain’s Prime-Minister David Cameron has admitted watching Borat movie several hours before flying to Kazakhstan.
03 июля 2013
The Dictator banned 2 weeks after premiere in Kazakhstan The Dictator, a new movie starring scandalous Sacha Baron Cohen, known as Borat, has been banned from screens two weeks after its premiere in Kazakhstan.
01 июня 2012
Yerzhan Kazykhanov (L) and Nurlan Yerimbetov (R). Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Foreign Minister threatened with a shoe for thanking Borat If I were there, I would have thrown my shoe at Mr. Kazykhanov: Nurlan Yerimbetov criticized Kazykhanov.
08 мая 2012
Timur Bekmambetov.. stock photo Bekmambetov mulling a film about American inventor Thomas Edison Timur Bekmambetov is going to make a film about the patent war between American inventor Thomas Edison and engineer George Westinghouse.
07 мая 2012
United States Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax. Photo by  Maksim Popov© U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan does not like Borat movie United States Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax does not like the scandalous movie of the British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.
03 мая 2012
Snapshot from Borat movie Borat reanimated in model's video Famous British model Charlotte Devaney (Narni) made a video with dancing girls made up as ‘Kazakhstan journalist’ Borat.
02 мая 2012
Borat's 'anthem' played instead of Kazakhstan anthem in Kuwait Organizers turned on the 'anthem' from Borat movie instead of Kazakhstan anthem during a sport tournament in Kuwait.
24 марта 2012
©Dartz Kombat "Kazakhstan citizen" Sacha Baron Cohen ordered three golden offroaders British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who played a journalist from Kazakhstan Borat Sagdiyev, ordered three golden Dartz Kombat offroaders.
27 июня 2011
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