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28.03.2016 14:07 Cinema, Music
De Niro offs a documentary by a former British medical researcher about a link between vaccines and autism from Tribeca Film Festival.
06.11.2015 14:31 Entertainment, Style
France celebrates the 80th birthday of its greatest screen seducer Alain Delon this weekend with all the circumstance usually accorded to an ageing monarch.
26.10.2015 11:51 Cinema, Music
Daniel Craig makes his fourth appearance as James Bond in "Spectre", which premieres, but his time as 007 may be nearing an end if his recent jaded comments are anything to go by.
21.10.2015 15:59 Entertainment, Style
Costumes and props worn by Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone in the box-office smash hit "Rocky" and Rambo" movies went on public view in New York before being offered for auction.
26.08.2015 12:17 Entertainment, Style
The next James Bond could be black or gay, argues 007 veteran Pierce Brosnan.
31.07.2015 10:39 Cinema, Music
Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego to film scenes of "The Revenant," a new film by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.
24.04.2015 14:42 Entertainment, Style
Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius is under consideration to take on a comedy-musical film with Tom Cruise titled "Bob the Musical," the Frenchman.
24.04.2015 11:22 Cinema, Music
The "Fast and Furious" franchise is set to roar into its next phase with an eighth installment due in 2017, the first without Paul Walker.
28.02.2015 14:27 People
Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, will be remembered best for playing Mr Spock in the film and TV versions of "Star Trek."
17.02.2015 13:44 Entertainment, Style
US actor Sean Penn turns action hero in "The Gunman" -- a thriller that had its world premiere in London on Monday.
16.02.2015 12:56 People
Veteran French actor Louis Jourdan, who starred in "Gigi" and "Octopussy", has died in Los Angeles at the age of 93.
07.02.2015 13:40 Cinema, Music
Antonio Banderas, 54, is on form. The Spanish star will shortly play Pablo Picasso in "33 Dias," and will be in Terrence Malick's next film, "Knight of Cups."
06.02.2015 13:23 Entertainment, Style
The 38-year-old British actor, who has a best actor nod for playing codebreaker Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game", insists he can and has played idiots.
28.01.2015 14:35 Entertainment, Style
Benedict Cumberbatch apologized and said he was "devastated" after the Oscar-nominated actor referred to black colleagues as "colored" in a US television interview.
23.01.2015 11:11 Politics
The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were a "wake-up event" for freedom of expression, movie legend Robert Redford said as he launched the Sundance Film Festival.
14.01.2015 12:37 Entertainment, Style
Oscar-winning filmmaker Woody Allen is going back to his TV roots in a deal with online giant Amazon to write and direct his own series.
17.12.2014 14:42 Entertainment, Style
Heartthrob couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are expecting their first child, Timberlake's former bandmate says.
16.12.2014 15:19 Internet
Robin Williams's death had people worldwide scouring the Internet for insights into the famed comic's life, making him the hottest search trend of the year on Google.
01.12.2014 13:08 People
Tens of thousands of fans filled a Mexico City stadium to say goodbye to "Chespirito," comedian Roberto Gomez Bolanos.
29.11.2014 13:41 Entertainment, Style
Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke picked up his boxing career on Friday night in Moscow at 62 years old.
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