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Jamiroquai performed in Almaty 18 сентября 2012, 12:27

The dream of many fans came true on September 15.
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Photo by Indira Myrzabayeva© Photo by Indira Myrzabayeva©
British band Jamiroquai gave the only concert in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. Jay Kay and his team were long awaited in Kazakhstan. The dream of many fans came true on September 15. Prior to the show the band's leader said that he heard a lot about Kazakhstan from his friend, a biker who visited Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Jay Kay also noted that he would be glad to come back to Kazakhstan on a bike. Most of the band's songs are about space. Jay Kay noted that he would like to visit Baikonur cosmodrome some day if he gets a permit to go there. Jay Kay appeared on the stage of the Republic Palace at 08:00 p.m. wearing a black hat, green shoes and a green sweater. After the first song the audience stood up and started dancing. The security tried to control the crowd but failed. The youngest fan of the band, 8-y.o. Anetta, managed to get on stage. "Jay Kay called me, while I danced next to the stage. I love this band," she told Tengrinews.kz journalist. The tickets for the concert cost from 10 to 50 thousand tenge ($67 to $333). But the organizers offered a 50% sale several hours before the show and the tickets could be bought for 5 thousand tenge ($33) at the entrance of the Republic Palace.

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