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Jackie Chan may be starring in Olympians Kazakhstan TV series 14 января 2013, 14:43

Olympians will feature a story of three friends: Ilya, Sasha and Serik, who will become Olympic champions of Kazakhstan.
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Famous Hollywood actor Jackie Chan might be starring in Kazakhstan TV series Olympians, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Peter Berman, director of the project. The TV series will feature a story of three friends: Ilya, Sasha and Serik. Kazakhstan Olympic champions Ilya Ilyin, Alexandre Vinokourov and Serik Sapiyev are Berman’s inspiration for three friends. Only Ilya Ilyin has agreed to be filmed in the movie. “He is a very serious guy and he said that he would take some acting lessons before the shooting,” Berman added. It is likely that one of Alexandre Vinokourov’s sons might be playing his father in the first series of the movie. The director hopes that two or three famous world actors will participate in the Kazakhstan series. According to Berman, he is negotiating with Jackie Chan at present; however, it comes expensive to invite him to the movie and the authors of the series are looking for sponsors. According to the plot of the series all three characters are sport boarding school boys. Berman promised to show Vinokourov’s story (he will appear as Vinogradov in the movie) as he won his first race being a child. Serik Sapiyev’s story will be a fiction tale about the future champion who was injured in a street fight and became disabled. His grandmother, who was a healer, cured him and passed some powers to him. According to the plot Sapiyev was learning martial arts from a Chinese master, and it is expected that Jackie Chan will play this master. The shooting is due to start in 2013. Earlier Berman said that George Clooney and Gerard Depardieu might participate in the movie as well. However, the negotiations with the actors were unsuccessful.

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