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06.04.2016 21:42 Cinema, Music
The grip trashy reality shows hold on television may be about to be broken by a new wave of intelligent documentaries.
18.06.2015 16:04 Entertainment, Style
Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are gone from "True Detective," but HBO's Emmy-winning cop anthology series is back for a second season with the same dark.
20.04.2015 12:47 Entertainment, Style
Don Draper, the central and serially seductive character of the hit TV show "Mad Men", is actually a "very weak man", his creator told a Paris audience.
10.04.2015 12:00 Cinema, Music
Welcome to season five of the cult TV series "Game of Thrones," which premieres Sunday worldwide to a rapturous global following.
20.03.2015 13:26 Entertainment, Style
"Mad Men" captured the style and drive of New York's finest 1960s ad men, enthralling viewers with tales of their creative genius and tortured infidelities.
30.10.2014 13:40 Cinema, Music
"The Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco was joined by fellow cast members from the hit TV sitcom.
23.10.2014 10:00 Cinema, Music
"Goodfellas" actor Frank Sivero is suing Fox Television for $250 million for allegedly ripping off his wise-guy cinematic character and using it on "The Simpsons"
16.10.2014 12:02 Entertainment, Style
US media giant Time Warner said Wednesday it would launch a stand-alone HBO streaming service next year.
11.10.2014 11:36 Cinema, Music
Film crews began shooting part of the fifth season of popular US fantasy television series "Game of Thrones" in the southern Spanish city of Seville.
18.09.2014 13:29 Cinema, Music
Obsessed "Friends" fans mobbed a pop-up replica of the coffeehouse from the hit comedy series, some even camping out overnight.
19.05.2014 22:13 Cinema, Music
Filming of Marco Polo TV series produced by Weinstein brothers has finished in Kazakhstan.
05.04.2014 11:05 Cinema, Music
Millions worldwide will tune in for the fourth season of medieval fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" from Sunday as the hit show returns to television screens, promising to deliver its usual jaw-dropping mix of sex, violence and vengeance.
13.03.2014 13:41 Cinema, Music
Fresh from the success of "Breaking Bad," Aaron Paul has plunged into a very different role in high-octane action movie "Need for Speed," swapping crystal meth for straight adrenaline.
06.03.2014 16:53 Cinema, Music
The first episode of the new "Game of Thrones" season will be screened at a New York arena on March 20 -- two weeks before the smash show returns on HBO.
28.12.2013 12:46 Art, Books
The beloved British detective Sherlock Holmes is now free to be reimagined in the United States after a federal judge ruled that licensing fees are no longer required.
23.12.2013 12:00 Cinema, Music
The latest installment of the Tolkien series, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," retained the top spot at the North American box office this weekend.
09.12.2013 13:31 Entertainment, Style
Can a smash TV soap bring closure for historical wrongs and succour from contemporary turmoil? Check out a Turkish series on the 16th-century Ottoman monarch Suleiman the Magnificent.
07.12.2013 18:56 Cinema, Music
US television network NBC's one-night live revival of the venerable Broadway musical "The Sound of Music" pulled a respectable 18.5 million viewers, but it failed to thrill the critics.
05.12.2013 14:20 Education
Television series, once considered too low-brow to be worthy of academic study, have become a mainstay of university curricula and frequent fodder for critical analysis.
25.10.2013 11:35 Entertainment, Style
When a murdered boy and serial killer came back to life in French supernatural series "The Returned", hundreds of thousands of viewers in Britain tuned into what became a surprise Gallic hit.
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