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Chamber hall season ends with Symphonic Music Concert: Live on Tengrinews

Amir Tebenikhin. Photo courtesy of bechstein.com Amir Tebenikhin. Photo courtesy of bechstein.com

A concert of symphonic music will bring to an end the first theatrical season at the chamber hall of Astana Opera on July 26. Amir Tebenikhin, a piano player and winner of multiple international competitions will perform at the concert, Tengrinews reports.

The final concert of the season urges the audience to contemplate on humanity and universe to Mozart’s Piano Concerto №23.

“Mozart invites us to think about human’s place on the earth, about relationship with one another and the world around us. In this piece, emotions are raw and naked. The composer has an intimate dialogue with listeners. He seems to be saying that everything in this world is temporary but yet there is a reason we come into the world. The concert will be especially interesting for those who are seeking spiritual answers,” musical director of Astana Opera Abzal Mukhitdinov said.

The audience will also be presented Konzertstück for chamber orchestra with a piano writte by Kazakhstani composer Tles Kazhgaliev. The night of symphonic music will end with Joseph Haydn’s 103 Symphony.

Tengrinews invites all classical music lovers to enjoy depth of Mozart's Piano Concerto №23 and other musical pieces though free live streaming at http://en.tengrinews.kz/tv/

By Gyuzel Kamalova