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Astana-Borovoye autobahn generates $20 thousand a day 26 июля 2013, 12:30

The state budget has been receiving 3 million tenge ($20 thousand) per day since commissioning of Kazakhstan's first 6-lane toll road.
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The state budget has been receiving 3 million tenge ($20 thousand) a day from the first Kazakhstan 6-lane toll autobahn Astana-Borovoye, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of KazAvtoZhol Yerik Sultanov. “We are operating in a full scale mode and Astana-Borovoye autobahn is generating around 3 million tenge a day. We have received a total of 75 million tenge ($500 thousand). These are the funds that reached our bank account,” Sultanov said. There are still small flaws in the toll road’s operation, but the equipment is being adjusted and the flaws are being eliminated, he said. “The we are not pursuing profit as a goal now. We have to make around 120 million tenge ($800 thousand) per month to fully cover the road’s routine maintenance expenses,” he added. Astana-Borovoye autobahn became Kazakhstan's first toll road on May 31 this year. By Nazymgul Kumyspayeva

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