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14.09.2016 17:54 Auto
Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
23.08.2016 18:06 Fun Stuff
Police in central India are sticking glow-in-the-dark strips on the horns of stray cattle to prevent motorists from crashing into them.
27.04.2016 17:06 Gadgets
From the 1912 sinking of RMS Titanic to the Chernobyl nuclear accident 30 years ago, technology has repeatedly confounded its creators.
27.04.2016 16:30 Science, Technologies
China has the youngest premium car buyers in the world, and their tech-savvy demand for connected cars is driving international automakers.
15.03.2016 17:26 Unrest
A car bomb killed a driver travelling down a street in central Berlin on Tuesday; investigators suspected that it was a case of homicide.
01.02.2016 18:03 Auto
French car giant Renault opened its first car factory in China.
05.01.2016 20:17 Auto
he mystery electric car startup Faraday Future unveiled its first prototype vehicle on Monday while offering few details on its ownership.
21.12.2015 14:11 Auto
From London and Paris to New Delhi and Sao Paulo, traditional taxi drivers united worldwide against Uber in 2015, a year that saw riots, legal battles and even a kidnapping in protest against the startup.
21.12.2015 13:35 Emergencies
A woman with a toddler in her car rammed into pedestrians on the packed Las Vegas Strip Sunday, killing one person and injuring 26 others.
10.11.2015 16:42 Companies
Kazakh National Holding Baiterek has signed an agreement with Peugeot Citroën to set up full-cycle assembly of cars in Kostanay, Kazakhstan.
22.09.2015 20:17 Emergencies
A large road accident involving over a dozen cars and a runaway tram has taken place in Almaty. Several people were severely injured.
22.09.2015 13:49 Companies
Apple aims to have an electric car on the road some time in the year 2019, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.
02.09.2015 21:18 Politics
Kazakhstan signed a memorandum on cooperation in manufacturing of cars with China.
28.08.2015 17:52 Companies
A new Tesla electric car has earned the best-ever vehicle rating from Consumer Reports, sending shares of the automaker racing higher.
21.08.2015 14:16 Crime
Transgender Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner could face misdemeanor manslaughter charges over a deadly car crash in February when Los Angeles police reveal the results of an investigation into the accident next week.
17.08.2015 21:47 Emergencies
In a fatal road traffic accident in Kazakhstan's Almaty, a water carrier truck killed 2 and injured 7.
10.08.2015 13:46 Emergencies
18-year-old girl from Kazakhstan Aida Sarabayeva was killed in a resent traffic accident on the road from Pamukkale to Antalya.
07.08.2015 13:32 Unrest
A powerful car bomb in Kabul early Friday killed at least seven people and wounded dozens of others.
06.08.2015 13:42 Politics
Earlier the country’s media reported that as a WTO member state Kazakhstan is expecting prices for cars and certain goods to go down.
16.07.2015 18:40 Emergencies
In Kazakhstan's Uralsk, a Vaz 2110 car landed on the roof of a café during a police pursuit.
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