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PHOTO: Military posters exhibition opened in Petropavlovsk 26 апреля 2012, 15:13

"Power of Word! Power of Spirit!" military posters exhibition has opened in Petropavlovsk.
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Military posters exhibition has opened in Petropavlovsk, Tengrinews.kz reports. Power of Word! Power of Spirit! military posters exhibition, dedicated to the 67th anniversary of Great Patriotic War victory opened in Petropavlovsk local history museum. 24 posters, including works of such famous artists as Dmitry Moore, Viktor Deni, Irakliy Toidze, Aleksey Kokorekin, Viktor Koretskiy and Kukryniksy (a creative team of Soviet black-and-white artists and painters) who worked during the civil war period exhibited in the museum. Let's Relentlessly Batter and Destroy the Enemy! poster was the first military placard created by Kukryniksy. It called soviet people to fight against invaders, who broke non-aggression treaty and treacherously intruded into our peaceful lands,” Vera Andreyeva, museum’s historical and expository department specialist said. The key events of the Great Patriotic War including Moscow and Leningrad defense, guerilla movement and home front heroic achievements are reflected in the exhibition.

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