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Paintings of Dali and Gauguin to be exhibited in Almaty 20 октября 2013, 11:18

BonArt auction housewill exhibit the pieces of visual art for everyone to enjoy on November 7-12 in Almaty.
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Tengrinews.kz file photo Tengrinews.kz file photo
BonArt auction house will exhibit masterpieces of visual art for everyone to enjoy on November 7-12 in Almaty, Kursiv reports. The paintings will include Crimea Coast of Ivan Aivazovsky, Camels. Nomands by Richard Zommer, Cosmic Cavalry by Salvador Dali, Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach by Paul Gauguin. Works of Salikhitdin Aitbayev, Abylkhan Kasteyev, Sergei Kalmykov, Ural Tansykbayev, Eugeniy Sidorkin, Aisha Galimbayeva, Zhanatai Shardenov, Sakhi Romanova and other well-known Kazakhstan artists will be presented at the exhibition as well. The auction will take place on November 23 after the exhibition is over. According to the Kursiv, the approximate market cost of the paintings to be auctioned makes $500.

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