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06.08.2015 20:12 Entertainment, Style
Argentinian street artists Marina Zumi has turned the walls of the Abilkhan Kasteev’s School of Art and Technical Design into a colorful masterpiece.
11.07.2015 01:25 Art, Books
Argentinian artist Marina Zumi who draws graffiti is creating an art installation in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
19.12.2014 14:36 Art, Books
Kazakhstani political analyst and blogger Bakhytzhan Bukharbayev has presented his debut art exhibition in Almaty.
24.10.2014 12:53 Art, Books
An artist from Kazakhstan’s Shymkent Bakhytbek Talkambayev claims that his paintings can heal.
31.08.2014 01:43 Entertainment, Style
For the fifth year artists, musicians and actors from Kazakhstan and abroad transform Almaty into a magical and mysterious realm of art and wonder.
09.07.2014 22:54 Art, Books
A lost Van Dyck painting spotted on a British television programme failed to find a buyer at a Tuesday auction despite estimates it would fetch 1,000 times its original price.
28.06.2014 10:44 Art, Books
Jeff Koons, one of world's highest paid artists, unveils his life work in New York on Friday, a chance to understand why his art is so celebrated, so loathed and so expensive.
25.06.2014 10:02 Art, Books
An iconic "Water Lilies" painting by French artist Claude Monet sold for £31.7 million ($54 million, 39.7 million euros) at a London sale, the second-highest sum paid for his work on record.
20.06.2014 09:56 Art, Books
A bearded man has been discovered in Pablo Picasso's "Blue Room" -- the painting, that is -- according to a US museum attempting to put an end to a decades-old question.
05.06.2014 13:34 Art, Books
A painting by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani sold at an auction in Paris Wednesday for 13.5 million euros ($18.3 million), a record for the artist's work in France, auction house Sotheby's announced.
31.05.2014 20:35 Art, Books
An Australian gallery will return a portrait once thought the work of Vincent Van Gogh to its rightful owners in what is believed to be the country's first restitution of art lost under the Nazis.
16.05.2014 09:56 Art, Books
A painted portrait of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban, fetched $102,500 at auction Wednesday in New York -- with the money going to female education in Nigeria.
14.05.2014 19:48 Art, Books
A painting by American Barnett Newman, "Black Fire I," went under the gavel for $84 million Tuesday at Christie's postwar and contemporary art auction in New York, a record price for the artist.
29.04.2014 10:21 Art, Books
Pablo Picasso's anti-war masterpiece "Guernica", one of the world's most iconic paintings, on Sunday served as a backdrop to a dance performance for the first time in its 77-year history.
09.04.2014 22:55 Art, Books
Hong Kong police on Wednesday searched for a valuable painting mistakenly dumped in a landfill after it sold for $3.7 million at auction, reports said.
19.03.2014 12:57 Art, Books
A major exhibition of Renaissance master Veronese opens at London's National Gallery on Wednesday, bringing together for the first time in centuries around 50 works from the world-revered painter.
05.02.2014 17:24 Art, Books
Juan Gris's Cubist still life "Nature Morte a la Nappe a Carreaux" ("The Checked Tablecloth") sold for £34.8 million at a London sale Tuesday, smashing the auction record for the Spanish artist.
01.02.2014 14:39 Politics
A newspaper cartoonist was sanctioned by a new Ecuadoran media watchdog after publishing an image deemed harmful to President Rafael Correa, the artist said Friday.
28.01.2014 16:16 Art, Books
Four Old Masters stolen by the Nazis, including Hitler's deputy Hermann Goering, go under the hammer in New York this week where they are expected to fetch up to $1 million.
24.01.2014 14:01 Art, Books
Best known as a celebrity restaurateur Michael Chow is also a trained painter who, until recently, had not picked up his brushes for decades.
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