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Kazakhstan citizens called to improve Google Translate 15 августа 2013, 14:19

Kazakh-speaking citizens who know English are welcome to contribute to development of the service.
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Google Translate Google Translate
Kazakhstan citizens are welcome to improve Google Translate, Tengrinews.kz reports. Kazakh-speaking citizens who know English can contribute into development of the service. According to representative of Google Tilek Mamutov, the service already works with 71 languages. But Internet users are called to evaluate the translations made by the program. The developers cannot yet guarantee that the service works well in the Kazakh language. “The amount of text that the software uses to generate its translations is an important factor that influences the quality,” the company’s representative said. “We are working hard on Central Asian languages. You can now directly help the Google Translate team,” Mamutov said. Users are welcome to evaluate the translations. The translations for assessment of quality are available here . The project to include the Kazakh language into the popular Google Translate service was launched with Google’s technical support service on April 23, 2012. Later the head of Wikibilim social fund Rauan Kenzhekhanuly presented a project to add the Kazakh language to the Google translation service by the end of 2013. “All these projects are supervised by the Head of the Presidential Administration Karim Massimov. We are doing everything possible to get this service up before the end of 2013,” Rauan Kenzhekhanuly said. Kenzhekhanuly explained that Google does not include any languages into its permanent list on its own. The language speakers and those interested in making it part of the service have to take the initiative and supply the service with Kazakh words and texts. The guidelines on filling the service with texts in the Kazakh language are available here .

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