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25.08.2016 17:19 Art, Books
Heading Down Under where locals are "dry as a dead dingo's donger" and beachgoers don "budgie smugglers"?
09.09.2015 16:05 Laws, Initiatives
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the government to implement Urdu as the country's official language, replacing English in all communications.
13.05.2015 01:11 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited his homeland in Kaskelen district of Almaty oblast in Kazakhstan’s south, where he met with compatriots.
28.04.2015 22:32 Art, Books
Writer Yuriy Serebryanskiy has become the winner of the Russian Award for the second time.
11.03.2015 23:37 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about five institutional reforms he envisions for Kazakhstan that would ensure its move towards a developed and harmonious society.
10.03.2015 20:13 Politics
14 applications have been received by the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan ahead of the early presidential election in the country. There are two highlights this year: first ever female nominee and state language proficiency tests.
07.03.2015 19:08 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev believes English should be made the prime language of instruction in high schools of Kazakhstan.
26.02.2015 13:31 Internet
Google said that Gmail is now available in Burmese, marking the 74th language for the popular email service.
18.11.2014 12:45 Science, Technologies
Babies adopted across international borders may not remember the language they heard in their first days, but the words leave a lasting mark on their minds.
08.11.2014 12:10 Politics
Catalonia has promoted its language and popular culture since the 1980s, cultivating a sense that it is different from the rest of Spain which has now turned to separatism.
03.11.2014 14:37 Education
North and South Korea have never found dialogue easy, but academics from both sides currently meeting in Pyongyang are trying to steer things in the right direction.
04.10.2014 15:22 Education
Ukrainian President risked further angering the Kremlin by suggesting that English lessons replace Russian ones in schools.
10.09.2014 19:23 Education
Spanish regions began responding by launching intensive English "bilingual colleges".
03.09.2014 12:50 Science, Technologies
Economic prosperity is the worst enemy of minority languages.
25.08.2014 12:58 Politics
Kazakhstan might follow Ukraine’s scenario should it ban all the languages other than Kazakh: President Nazarbayev.
25.08.2014 11:51 Politics
Throughout China, Mandarin -- known as Putonghua, the "common language", with its roots in Beijing's northern dialect -- is the medium of government.
17.05.2014 17:41 People
The legendary interpreter who served as the English-language voice of every Soviet leader from Nikita Khrushchev to Mikhail Gorbachev has died in Moscow aged 81.
11.03.2014 17:16 Strange News
African elephants can differentiate between human languages and move away from those considered a threat, a skill they have honed to survive in the wild.
07.03.2014 16:38 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan has realised a set of animation movies based on Kazakh tales.
13.02.2014 11:51 Internet
Microsoft on Wednesday denied censoring Chinese-language search results across the globe, but the group behind the accusation stood firm.
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