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Astana Opera tours Italy with Spartacus: Tengrinews streams live


Madina Bassbayeva and Bakhtiyar Adamzhan (Spartacus). Photo © Aizhan Tugelbayeva Madina Bassbayeva and Bakhtiyar Adamzhan (Spartacus). Photo © Aizhan Tugelbayeva

The Astana Opera ballet company is currently touring Italy, Tengrinews reports.

The Astana Opera ballet company is currently touring Italy, Tengrinews reports.


The exciting performances of the Astana Opera are streamed live in 40 countries around the world. Traditionally, Tengrinews TV is showing all performances of the ballet company online too.

The Kazakhstan’s finest ballet company performed Spartacus at the oldest theatre of Italy, Theatro Carlo Felici yesterday. One of the most spectacular ballets Spartacus was choreographed by maitre Yuryi Grigorivich. Spartacus presented by the Astana Opera can be distinguished by tremendous power of Aram Khachaturyan’s music that envelops the audience with its dramatic flare, extensive artistic imagery and touchingly romantic notes. The local audience was moved by the ballet performance of Kazakhstani dancers.

“The performance surprised me. The ballet was great and the artists were excellent. I must say that ballet dancers who performed the main roles were simply amazing. There are many things in common between our theatres. We are interested in working with the Astana Opera, not only with the ballet company, but with the opera as well,” Maurizio Roi of the Theatro Carlo Felici said.

The ballet presents the story of Spartacus set in the late Roman Empire. When the Roman consul Crassus captures tens of thousands of people, Spartacus incites Gladiators to rebel. The heroes of the ballet will have to overcome a lot of difficulties to regain their freedom. Bakhtiyar Adamzhan performed the role of brave Spartacus, Madina Bassbayeva danced as beautiful Phrygia, Spartacus’ wife. Tair Gatauov and Gaukhar Ussina performed the roles of Crassus and Aegina respectively.

“It was the first antagonist role in my career. My character is Aegina, a cunning woman that loves herself and knows the power of her beauty. She yearns for power and believes that she deserves only the best. It was emotionally difficult to convey her image, her cunningness and wisdom,” Ussina said.

“For the artists performing on the (oldest Italian) stage is a test. We are glad to have an opportunity to represent our country and the theatre. We were invited by the Italian theater. All the expenses were covered by the Italians. It is the first time for a Kazakhstani ballet company. We see it as a sign of appreciation of our art and country,” the Art Director of the Astana Opera Tursynbek Nurkaliev said.

At the press conference journalists asked what characterized the Kazakh school of ballet.

“The Kazakh school of ballet was based on the Russian school. Today, the Kazakh ballet incorporates all the trends of the classic ballet. Emotional and artistic qualities of our ballet dances distinguish them from others. (…) Ballet is an art of young people and 20 years that are given to express oneself on a stage is way too little,” Nurkaliev said.

Journalists also asked about the upcoming EXPO-2017 in Astana. The Theatro Carlo Felici installed an exposition dedicated to the EXPO-2017 in the foyer. The Astana Opera plans to organize performances from the world renounced theatres such as Teatro alla Scala and Metropolitan Opera. The Theatro Carlo Felici has given a tentative agreement.

On January 23, the Astana Opera will present the Gala Ballet program that includes performances of snippets from various famous ballets and Kazakh national dance routine.

For those who do not have a chance to attent the perfrormance of the Astana Opera ballet, Tengrinews TV once again provides “first row seats” via online streaming. Tengrinews welcomes ballet lovers to enjoy the Astana Opera performances live online on January 24 at 1:30 am Astana time (the Gala Ballet). The performances will also be available live via the Astana Opera website.  

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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