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Astana Opera ballet company wins hearts of Italian audience 30 января 2015, 19:13

The Astana Opera ballet company has won hearts of the audience with the Gala Ballet at the Italy’s oldest theatre Carlo Felice.
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Photo © Aizhan Tugelbayeva Photo © Aizhan Tugelbayeva

The Astana Opera ballet company has won hearts of the audience with the Gala Ballet at the Italy’s oldest theatre Carlo Felice, Tengrinews reports.

The dancers presented fragments from the Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Giselle, the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty. The Astana Opera ballet also brought the Kazakh dance routines to over two thousand visitors of the Carlo Felice. The ballet dancers were showered with applause.

Kazakhstani ballet dancers Madina Bassbayeva, Gaukhar Ussina, Aigerim Beketova and Anel Rustema touched hearts with their grace, complex movements and confidence. The public was impressed with a famous Ukrainian dance Gopak performed by Arman Urazov, Eldar Sarsenbayev, Serik Nakissbekov and Yerkin Rakhmatulin. The dancers even had to dance for encore.

Fabiola Di Blasi who used to performed on the stage of Teatro alla Scala praised the performance of the Astana Opera. “The technical side of the performance was so strong. We are very impressed. The artists took us on a journey of re-living the performances with them. The dance company is so young, yet they have mastered everything almost to perfection. We are very grateful for their performance. We really want to visit the Astana Opera theatre,” Di Blasi said after the Gala Ballet.

The Carlo Felici theatre gathered people from all corners of Europe and Asia. An engineers from Thailand got his first taste of ballet at Carlo Felici that night. He arrived on a business trip to Italy and decided to buy see a ballet. “I work in robotic technologies. Today I was especially impressed with an ability of a human being to control and master his or her body. It is fantastic. I bought tickets to a row closer to the stage so that I could clearly see the dancers. It is the first time I watched a ballet. I fell in love with it,” he said.

85 members of the Astana Opera ballet company travelled to Italy for the tour. The performance was accompanied by the Genoian orchestra under the guidance of Kazakhstan’s merited conductor Aidar Abzhakhanov. The Astana Opere opened the tour with Yuriy Grigorivich’s dramatic Spartacus ballet.

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva. Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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